March 29 Update

The Winter season is officially cancelled. 

Unfortunately the province has not been able to move forward into ‘Step 3’ of the path forward in time to run a Winter season. We will not be sending out a form with multiple options again, but instead will proceed with the refunds and credit owed based on the COVID-19 cancellation policy.

All Captains and Individuals registered for the Winter season should have received a formal update via email. It's linked below for easy reference.

We know there have been multiple changes to the plan along the way, and we thank you again for your support as we pivot, adapt, and adjust.

Just like you we want to PLAY! Sadly with the recent step backwards in restrictions, this may be further away than we would like.

This is just another season requiring us to be flexible due to COVID-19. There just is not enough information to provide concrete details on an exact start date, but what we can say is that once the government allows team sports we will be ready and get you playing.

All team registrations are put on a payment plan, requiring just a small deposit at the time of registration to save your spot. We will not take additional payments until season details can be confirmed with more confidence. If you are looking to register as an Individual, you can submit your registration and pay in full or submit an unpaid to show us your interest. If you submit an unpaid we will contact you closer to the season start to confirm your interest and collect payment at that time.

At this point in time, we don't know. We are assuming the restrictions will be similar to the past season that ran: limited cohort participation, capped league sizes, safe operation and sanitization procedures.

Once team sport guidelines are released we will make applicable adjustments and share the final Spring Return to Play with our players.

For now each league will be capped at 50 participants, meaning that most sports will play with 4 team divisions, and all rosters will be capped to ensure we stay within the maximum 50-person cohort. Additionally, the CSSC has decided to limit players to one registration for the time being.

The decision to run an all outdoor line-up was made 2 weeks before the deadline. We understand this is disappointing news for many players, however the decision was made taking into consideration a number of factors.

As we look at the current restrictions and decisions being made, it's clear that players and the government feel more comfortable with outdoor activities at this time. We believe the best chance of running a Spring season is to focus on outdoor play. By making this decision now we are ensuring that all teams and players have an opportunity to secure a spot in one of the outdoor leagues.

We closed registration to Indoor leagues on March 30th, and subsequently will be or have already followed up with all Spring Indoor teams and Individual registrations.


Our ability to continue to sport is dependent on everyone following the Return to Play Guidelines. For a full overview, please click the "Return To Play Guidelines" button below.