Team of the Week

Team of the Week Winners

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The CSSC Team of the Week program is all about recognizing teams that are dedicated to positive sportsmanship and playing with a fun-first mentality.

How it works: Each week throughout the season the CSSC will recognize one team for their positive attitude and great sporting behaviour. To be eligible, teams must first be nominated for the Lady Bing Award in a given season. All nominated teams will then have a chance to submit a photo and a short biography in order to be eligible for a Team of the Week Prize.

Prize: Each Team of the Week winner will receive a $100 gift card to The Canadian Brewhouse and will be recognized on social media.

You can help us recognize great sportsmanship by nominating a team for the Lady Bing Award. Click here to nominate a team!

Spring 2023

Captain: Daniel L

Night/Div/Sport: Tuesday Recreational Slo-Pitch
Seasons in the CSSC: 1
Nominated by: Rohan W.
We are the Angels! Our team name was inspired by super star Shohei Ohtani since he is a legend of Asian baseball and his MLB team is Angels! This is our 1st season playing in CSSC. We enjoy the team spirit of winning as a team and losing as a team.  

Blue Team
Captain: Trish E

Night/Div/Sport: Monday Recreational Slo-Pitch
Seasons in the CSSC: 4
Nominated by: Rohan W
The Blue Team originated from a few players working together at one point or another for a company with an all blue logo. Our team has been together for the last two years playing in Slo-Pitch as well as one season of Multi-Sport. Playing Slo-Pitch has been a really great experience allowing us to get together, be outside and have fun every week! 

Block Party
Captain: Michelle D

Night/Div/Sport: Tuesday Recreational Plus Indoor Volleyball
Seasons in the CSSC: 2
Nominated by: Ivan V
Our team is called the Block Party. We were an individual team last season- we were given that name, and we just ran with it!
Our team members are, Pam, Barb, David, Todd, Darryll, Michelle, Rachelle, and Mike (not in picture). We LOVE our team, and feel so fortunate we were placed together! This is our second season together and we have so much. Our favourite aspect of the sport is the sportsmanship - our team is incredibly supportive, encouraging, and FUN! Win or lose we always have blast! 

Bunt Stuff
Captain: Brogan M

Night/Div/Sport: Thursday Recreational Slo-Pitch
Seasons in the CSSC: 6
Nominated by: Andrei G
Bunt Stuff, the Co-Ed slow pitch team that's been 'pitch-slapping' the competition for 6+ amazing seasons! (Not actually though, our record is very, very sub .500). With each passing season, our crew grows as we welcome new teammates into the mix. We are always stoked when Spring rolls around and we can get together and build more friendships and memories. We have a diverse group of impressive young professionals on our team that love a little friendly competition. Bunt Stuff is more than just a name – it's a symbol of our common interest, love for the game and... bunts.  

Gettin' Diggy With It
Captain: Kendra S

Night/Div/Sport: Thursday Intermediate Indoor Volleyball
Seasons in the CSSC: 2
Nominated by: James H
Last September, 6 strangers signed up for their company’s corporate challenge volleyball team. After surviving tryouts the team began spending time together through volleyball practice, after practice beers, and giving each other the nod when passing each other in the hallways at work. Unfortunately, the team was not as successful at corporate challenge as planned and were eliminated in the first round. To continue to hone their volleyball skills and take home the gold this year, Chris, Jenny, Alex, Johnny, Kendra, and Olivia began playing in the CSSC where everyone continues the tradition of after game beers and all around having a good time.  

Winter 2023 Winners

Winter 2023

Team Bio
Ballz & Dollz
Captain: Cathreen L

Night/Div/Sport: Monday Rec B Dodgeball
Seasons in the CSSC: 1
Nominated by: Zane
History: We are Ballz & Dollz, a group of nurses who decided to make a Dodgeball team for fun. This is our first season and none of us has played Dodgeball before. We are here to enjoy our time with friends, win or loose! We are enjoying our time, and learning new things as we go. We hope to keep playing together in the upcoming seasons!

That's What She Set
Captain: Lee C

Night/Div/Sport: Wednesday Rec Plus Volleyball
Seasons in the CSSC: 14
Nominated by: Jaye I
History: That’s What She Set began in 2015, but this core team has been consistent for the past 5 years with Louise being the captain for the majority of the years. The team players are Louise, Barry, Kyle, Jaye, Kevyann, Craig and Captain Lee. We don’t take volleyball too seriously, but we take our wings more seriously once we are done playing! We plan to do this for many more years even if we are becoming one of the 'more mature' teams out there!

Wine and Cheese
Captain: Kyle N

Night/Div/Sport: Wednesday Rec Plus Multi-Sport
Seasons in the CSSC: 10
Nominated by: Sam
History: This will be our teams 10th season of Multi-Sport. The team name came about after we decided to form our Multi-Sport team at a “wine and cheese” party. Our favourite aspect of playing in the Multi-Sport league, besides the beers and wings afterwards, is the variety of sports we get to play and how that gives everyone their own time to shine throughout the season and keeps things fresh! 

Birdie Buddies
Captain: Chantel C

Night/Div/Sport: Thursday Rec Badminton
Seasons in the CSSC: 1
Nominated by: Denise
History: We wanted a team name was cute, and not intimidating because we are new to Badminton in CSSC. We picked a bunch of birdie names and drew from a hat and ended up with Birdie Buddies! 

Chantel has played 8 seasons in various other sports like Ball Hockey and Volleyball, but hadn't played Badminton until this season. This is Ashley’s first ever season with CSSC. She already wants to enroll again for the Spring Season!

We love meeting new opponents and figuring out their style of play. We always have fun and have met other teams who like to have fun and laugh with us.

'Berta Ball'd Eagles
Captain: David C

Night/Div/Sport: Monday Rec Dodgeball
Seasons in the CSSC: 12
Nominated by: Zane
History: The 'Berta Ball'd Eagles are a formidable Dodgeball team that has been dominating the courts since their inception in 2016 under the name "My Balls, Your Face". After six seasons, the team rebranded to reflect their soaring spirit. Our star player is the steely faced hotshot known as the "Laser Rhino". He strikes fear into many hearts as his ball turns the air into plasma as it slices its way through time, itself.

Grass in the V
Captain: Jenn C

Night/Div/Sport: Tuesday Rec Turf Soccer
Seasons in the CSSC: 14
Nominated by: Freda
History: We are “Grass In The V”!

What started as an individual’s team back in 2014, kept going season after season with our captain, Jenn, stepping into the manager role in 2016. Team members changed every few seasons and some team members joined as small groups when our numbers were low – and when some of our team members needed a season off to recover from injuries.

We love to play soccer and we aspire to be a fun team that likes to get competitive to win (sometimes). Above all else, we enjoy reconnecting with our teammates, who have become good friends, week after week and challenge to keep each other active.

Captain: Rachel C

Night/Div/Sport: Thursday Rec Multi-Sport
Seasons in the CSSC: 4
Nominated by: Sam
History: The team name is inspired by Mario! Our player nicknames include: Tiggs, Spicy P, Clapper Claggs, The E-Bomber, Pfister Oswald, Judo Jenn, The Pope, SBeve, Le'Brett, Radikal, Captain Clutch, J-Town, Bri-Dog, and Ryan. 

We have played four seasons with the CSSC, and our team has grown in size each season because everyone has so much fun every when they come out to play!

Our favourite aspect of Multi-Sport is the variety! It's fun to try new and different things with the team, and we love to THWOMP!

No Regretskys
Captain: Dic C

Night/Div/Sport: Thursday Rec Masters
Seasons in the CSSC: 2
Nominated by: Cooper
History: We are No Regretskys!!

We are (L to R) back: Todd, Theresa, Ryan, Greg, Mark, Tonia

Front: Colleen, Vernon, Lauren, Dic.


Mark came up with the team name just this year (January 2023) and we all thought it was perfect. Although our roster hasn’t been the same, some version of this team has been in the league for just 1 1/2 years. What we love about Masters Ball Hockey, is that it is a great workout, it is great fun, it is very social, and we love the healthy competition! 

Here to Serve
Captain: Steven K

Night/Div/Sport: Wednesday Recreational Indoor Volleyball
Seasons in the CSSC: 2
Nominated by: Annica
History: We are Here to Serve and this is our second season in the Recreational tier of CSSC Indoor Volleyball. The name of our team comes from the eagerness to help in our community and our church. The senior pastor and people involved in our church in the NE of Calgary are part of our team. Here to serve is a motto of the volunteers at the church and it so happens that applies to the volleyball court, as we are literally all 'here to serve' at least a couple of times per game.

We were bottom of the league last season, and during this winter season we tried our best to turn things around, and managed to finish in first place for the play-offs. We love playing volleyball, as it allows everyone in our team (ages 18- to 50), to play and be part of a group effort. We play for the fun of building a stronger team, improve our volleyball skills, and as an excuse to hangout with our teammates.  

Summer 2022 Winners

Summer 2022

Team Bio
Timbits at Heart
Captain: Curtis Thorssen

Night/Div/Sport: Tuesday Rec B Outdoor Soccer
Seasons in the CSSC: 18
Nominated by: Gladdylyn
History: We are Timbits at Heart! Our team has been playing CSSC soccer together since Summer 2018 and have also had seasons of Ultimate Frisbee and Flag Football together through CSSC. Over the years we have wholeheartedly embodied our team name, running after the ball en-masse just like we did when we were children. With each passing season we have grown to play better positionally, but that will never stop us from cheering for each other and stopping mid-game to compliment the plays of our opponents. We appreciate how CSSC has given such easy access to the beautiful game and has built a (generally) beginner friendly experience for us to introduce new players to the sport. Our team is looking forward to many more years with CSSC, and hopefully playing against us will help other teams adopt the "Timbits at Heart" mindset as well.

Team Bio
Bomb Squad
Captain: Cailynne Smith
Night/Div/Sport: Wednesday Rec South Slo-Pitch
Seasons in the CSSC: 2
Nominated by: Courtney
History: We are the Jagerbombers or Bomb Squad (for summer season) and have been playing together since Spring 2022 but have been friends for the majority of our lives. Many of our players have grown up together, meeting in elementary school, junior high school, high school, or university/college and have remained friends ever since. Our main roster this spring season is Alex, Brennan, Cailynne, Colton, Hanna, Jackson, Jake, Kiefer, Nolan, Sam, Shae, and Tyler. Our team mascot, Ruger is at our every game barking us on and loves meeting new friends. We are truly an energized group that shows up to every game with heart, humour, and hydration. We are grateful for the opportunity that the CSSC provides for us to come out and have some fun while meeting some genuinely awesome individuals!
Team Bio
Friends and Family FC
Captain: Dillon Traber
Night/Div/Sport: Tuesday Rec Plus A 11 v 11 Outdoor Soccer
Seasons in the CSSC: 3
Nominated by: Sam
History: Over the past 3 years, Friends and Family FC has been getting together to play within multiple sports and leagues across CSSC. While some of us are family, and hopefully all of us are friends, our team name was derived out of the need for a sports community after graduating from university teams, moving cities, and missing the life-giving nourishment that is playing sports with your friends and family. CSSC has provided an amazing avenue for for making new memories, laughing at how out of shape everyone has gotten, and inviting in others to join with us in the sports that brought us all together to begin with. On the Soccer Field, we take pride in laughing at eachother when we trip over our own feet, enjoy trying out bizarre asymmetrical formations, and reminding each other that “you just aren’t in the shape you used to be”. While most of our Physio allocations for the year have run over, this spring and summer with CSSC has been one for the memories!
Team Bio
Ruthless Babes
Captain: Ben Frenken
Night/Div/Sport: Monday Rec Plus Slo-Pitch
Seasons in the CSSC: 14
Nominated by: Jamie
History: The Babes stole their name from a far more creative person in another province and have been using it shamelessly in about every Spring and Summer CSSC Season since 2016. For a group of qualified "legends" ignoring their breaking bodies, the social aspect of 16 games a year is the highlight and reason to meet up every Monday night. The Babes started a not-for-profit of the same name in 2018 and put on two annual fundraisers (Softball and Curling) to raise money for youth sport organizations around Calgary.
Team Bio
2 Legit 2 Hit
Captain: Alison Baker
Night/Div/Sport: Sunday Rec B Beach Volleyball
Seasons in the CSSC: 1
Nominated by: Naomi
History: The story began back in April of 2022 with two girls named Alison and Amie wanting to play Beach Volleyball. With little friends and no skills, the two lovely ladies began their adventure to put a team together. FINALLY, they found enough friends and tried to sign up… but little did they know how popular Beach Volleyball was and their dates were sold out… and then sold out again. So, after losing a few players gaining a few players and pure luck we got into Sunday Recreation! After our first game we all looked into each others’ eyes and said THANK GOD we are in the recreation division because we truly are 2 Legit 2 Hit the volleyball haha! But we all bring laughter and fun to the court, so what we lack in skills, we bring in FUN! This is truly the underdog story of the year, will we win the championship this year… probably not but hey as long as we are having fun, and the other team is having fun, that's perfect. Cheers to a new sport with new friends!
Team Bio
Ball Busters
Captain: Maddy Zentner
Night/Div/Sport: Monday Rec 6 vs 6 Outdoor Soccer
Seasons in the CSSC: 5
Nominated by: Nancy
History: We are the Ball Busters!!! Our team this season consists of Keith, Kyle, Jon, Lex, Jaffer, Bruno, Sarah, Madi, Maddy and Jadan! Initially, we were an individuals team in spring of 2020! We’ve lost a couple of people, gained a couple of people, and have found a perfect team ready for a ball bustin’ good time! You’ll find us playing Monday night Futsal in the Fall Season coming up!! The matching jerseys might make us look like we have it together, but don’t be intimidated, we are just here for fun!! 
Team Bio
Daytona Dingers
Captain: Mathew Mutter
Night/Div/Sport: Wednesday Rec Slo-Pitch
Seasons in the CSSC: 3
Nominated by: Aaron
History: After their 2021 inaugural season opener, the roster of the Daytona Dingers were hooked on Slo-Pitch! Their unique roster consisting of six couples and a Big "Jer Bear" saw immediate success! Sporting their signature Safety Orange "jerseys" The Daytona Dingers are always ready to have some nice competitive fun!
Team Bio
Thundercats 2.0
Captain: Hayley Kenyon
Night/Div/Sport: Wednesday Rec Slo-Pitch
Seasons in the CSSC: 3
Nominated by: Madison
History: We are the Thundercats. Our team consists of a bunch of lil kittens all from the same litter. We have been with each other for the Spring and Summer season of 2022. It is crazy to think about where we started vs. where we are now. From finishing 5th last season to heading into the final this season. We are a group who loves to have fun, but still strive to be competitive and better ourselves as a team. I can guarantee you haven't seen the last of us. Huge thank you to every team we have played. You are part of why we love this sport so much!  Can I get a MEEEEOOOOWWWW!!

Spring 2022 Winners

Team Bio
The Rubber Duckies
Captain: Carmen Song

Night/Div/Sport: Tuesday Rec Multi Sport
Seasons in the CSSC: 2
Nominated by: Nicolas
History: The Rubber Duckies .. where do I begin. Our team is quite unique in the fact that it’s our second season together and we have yet to win a single game! That definitely takes a LOT of talent if you ask us! We’ve had a handful of close games .. okay maybe that one hockey game and have been mercied more often than none but it’s the high level energy and ever burning spirit the team exhibits towards one another, the game and other teams that keeps us coming back each Tuesday (and a third season). Honestly I have to say, the fact that we all came together as an individuals team at first and have now created an everlasting bond with one another especially moving from another province to Calgary and meeting everyone makes this team very memorable and has a special place in all of our hearts. Quack quack!

Team Bio
The Broken Ladders
Captain: Ryan Herman

Night/Div/Sport: Sunday Rec Slo Pitch
Seasons in the CSSC: 1
Nominated by: Tyler
History: We are the broken ladders, this name comes from the classic rhyme which goes “we want a pitcher not a belly itcher/ We want a batter not a BROKEN LADDER”. This is our first year in CCSC and we love it. The players on our team are Andro, Ash, Ava, Callie, Carlynn, Chloe, Corbin, Emily, Heather, John, Logan, Meghan, Paige, Peter, Ryan and Sebastien. Our team loves to come to the field and play, we may not be very good but we love celebrating in the small victories, such as a players first hit, someone making a good catch or a their first catch or anything else we can think to celebrate!! We are thankful for the opportunity that Calgary Sport and Social Club provides for us to come out and have some fun playing slo-pitch and meet some great people from Calgary!

Team Bio
Pickle Rick
Captain: Marisa Tam

Night/Div/Sport: Thursday Rec A Pickleball
Seasons in the CSSC: 11
Nominated by: Justin 
History: We are a husband and wife duo. We have a little one year old boy named Quentin. As much as we love our little guy, our pickleball nights are a nice break from being parents! Our team name comes from the best Rick and Morty episode. 

Team Bio
Here For Beer
Captain: Ali Evans

Night/Div/Sport: Monday Rec Slo Pitch
Seasons in the CSSC: 2
Nominated by: Cody
History: Hello! We are ‘Here For Beer’. The name says it all! There are large ships, there are small ships, but there is no ship-like friendships. 2021 was our inaugural season and we are starting 2022 off with a bang! At any game, we will likely have a minimum of 4+ dogs cheering us on (unfortunately no doge’s pictured here), but we would be lost without our furry friends. Our favourite part of playing the game is getting to spend time outside with friends. Looking forward to playing the rest of the season! 

Team Bio
Scared Hitless
Captain: Courtney Powell

Night/Div/Sport: Sunday Rec Slo Pitch
Seasons in the CSSC: 1
Nominated by: Ryan
History: Have you ever watched a baseball team play that was so in sync, it was as if you were watching a well-oiled machine? The plays are completed with ease, the communication is clear and concise, and the hits are almost always out of the park. If that’s the kind of team you like watching, look no further than Scared Hitless. An eclectic group that shows up to every game with heart, humor, and hydration. There were doubts as to whether a team with our skill set and passion could be put together, but in the eleventh hour it came together. You will never find a team who laughs so hard, chirps as intensely or cheers as loud as this group of people. Seasons from now, we will become the team to beat, but right now we are the team you need to meet.

Team Bio
Sit on my Base
Captain: Anne McMullin

Night/Div/Sport: Sunday Rec Slo Pitch
Seasons in the CSSC: 2
Nominated by: Tyler
History: Our team formed last year as an individual team for fall ball - and we won the league! We have a fun-first attitude and don't take ourselves too seriously. Everyone is great at helping each other become better baseball players. Our awesome players are: Derwyn, Bianca, Matt, Aaron, Chase, Carter, Chantel, Kelly, Quinton, Tyler, Chester, and Anne. 

Team Bio
Dugout Drunks
Captain: Thomas Cyr

Night/Div/Sport: Sunday Rec Slo Pitch
Seasons in the CSSC: 11
Nominated by: Thien Ly 
History: We are a group of longtime friends that started playing CSSC slo-pitch over 7 years ago. We've always loved Sunday afternoon games as a way to tie off the end of the weekend. As we are getting older now some of us are starting to have kids so it's also been a great way to bring all the families together.

Team Bio
Captain: Matt Armstrong

Night/Div/Sport: Thursday Rec Slo Pitch
Seasons in the CSSC: 20+
Nominated by: Sherry
History: Our team name is HumDinger's because we like to think we hit dinger's. We enjoy getting out enjoying the weather and meeting other team's with the CSSC. Some of our team's nicknames on our jersey's include SeaBass, K Slice, and Grahammer. Thanks to the team that nominated us. Good luck this season. 


Winter 2022 Winners

Winter 2022

Team Bio
No Regretzkies
Captain: Julie Orton

Night/Div/Sport: Thursday Rec Ball Hockey
Seasons in the CSSC: 1 Rookie Season!
Nominated by: Matt Armstrong (GC)
History: We are a team made up of former co-workers who always talked about getting together and doing something after work and never did. Now that we're spread out across different companies and different industries, we finally decided to get some T-Shirts made and take to the gym floor to represent Wayne's legacy of unrivalled sportsmanship, killer goals, and luscious locks. Throughout the season, we've welcomed aboard several key players who started out as subs for our team and loved our good humour (and free T-shirts) so much that they decided to stay. Our team consists of Byron the Bruiser, Rachel the Rioter, Mark "the messiest Messier", Wheezy Mike, Tyler the Ghost, One Ankle Jeff, The Great Wall of Tim, Hattrick Patrick, and Lady Jules of Hockeyton. 

Team Bio
Claustrophobic Mimes
Captain: Jeff Kwok

Night/Div/Sport: Sunday Rec Plus Turf Soccer
Seasons in the CSSC: 1 Rookie Season!
Nominated by: Josh Idowu (GC)
History: Our team is called Claustrophobic Mimes which is randomly assigned by CSSC as we all registered as an individual player before forming the team. :)

Our wonderful teammates are Jeff (Captain), Chris, Corey, Crystal, David, Dujon, Frederic, Joshawa, Juliette, Marge, Sharmarke, Taylor and Wyatt.

It is our first season to form the team and play the indoor turf 6 vs 6 in CSSC. We all feel it is a valuable opportunity for us to meet and play on the same team. From unknown each other to finally familiar with each other and make friends together. Friendship is more than everything in the games.

Team Bio
Captain: Jason Schultz

Night/Div/Sport: Thursday Rec Plus Turf Soccer
Seasons in the CSSC: 25
Nominated by: Henry Gore (GC)
History: AFC started way back in 2008, and since its inception, we have focused on a fun first attitude. Winning is nice, but enjoying our time together on and off-field while playing the game we love is the goal of AFC.

Team Bio
Chafing the Dream
Captain: Norman Hounjet

Night/Div/Sport: Sunday Recreational  Plus Turf Soccer
Seasons in the CSSC: 1 - Rookie Season!
Nominated by: Josh Idowu (GC)
History: This is 'Chafing the Dream's first season with CSSC. We started as a group of teachers and the team has quickly expanded to include spouses and friends. Though we haven't won any games, we are likely in first place when it comes to attendance at the soccer centre bar post-game. We are a fun-loving team who don't take ourselves too seriously and this will most likely be our one and only season in Rec Plus, but we plan on playing together next season in the rec division. 

Team Bio
Hack Attack
Captain: Marnie Palmer

Night/Div/Sport: Saturday Recreational Curling
Seasons in the CSSC: 1 - Rookie Season!
Nominated by: Warren Wall
History: This is the inaugural year for Hack Attack. Our team captain is Marnie AKA Sarge, followed by Alana AKA Bankshot. The remaining members include Cam, Brayden and Mike but they don’t get cool nicknames as they have to earn them. Lastly, it is a popular belief that our team is here for a good time and perhaps a long time if we take home the championship!

Team Bio
Master of None
Captain: Leah Fraiberg

Night/Div/Sport: Monday Rec Multi-Sport
Seasons in the CSSC: 3
Nominated by: Kennedy - The Airdrie Crew
History: The multi-sport league inspired our team name - Master of None. A Jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one. Our team was forged in friendship. We’re a team of lovers and fighters. We’re all about style points, high fives and halftime juice boxes. Although not particularly great at one sport, multi-sport has allowed us to showcase the teams' general athleticism and commitment to having a good time! 

Team Bio
Baby Belugas
Captain: Ermin Chow

Night/Div/Sport: Wednesday Rec Plus Multi-Sport
Seasons in the CSSC: 9
Nominated by: Jon Diment
History: Our team started out in Spring 2019, when we all joined as individuals, with many of us being new to the city. We ended up having lots of fun playing together and have signed up as a team ever since. We’ve also had a few new additions to the team since our first season. Our team enjoys playing different sports and going for pints afterwards. Current team members include Ermin, Mike, Julia, Celia, Jake, Bhaskar, Tori, Liam, Edbert, Alisha, Chris, and Landon.

Team Bio
Buk Hockey
Captain: Seema King

Night/Div/Sport: Wednesday Recreational Ball Hockey
Seasons in the CSSC: 24
Nominated by: Sam Francois (GC)
History: Buk Hockey is made up of a group of friends that were initially outsiders but eventually came together as a team. Our team name was initially created as we wanted something to represent our lifestyle.  We try to live the “Buk-Wild” life and mixing that with our love of hockey; Buk + Hockey = Buk Hockey.  We particularly liked our name as “Buk Hockey” sounded like a large, bold, and vicious team name when, truth be told, none of us are exemplary in size or ball-handling skills.

We have now played together as a team for over 6 years playing every season with a mix of floor hockey and now trying our hand at basketball. Although our performance has at times been lacking, we seem to end up always finishing on a strong note with teamwork and fun as our main priority.  We hope to continue to play together for many more years to come, whether in Floor Hockey or any of the multiple other sports provided by the CSSC. We sincerely appreciate being nominated for the Lady Bing and hope to continue playing with a ‘fun-first’ attitude to make the game more enjoyable for everyone.   

Team Bio
Free Nachos For Every Two Players
Captain: Gavin Day

Night/Div/Sport: Wednesday Recreational Basketball
Seasons in the CSSC: 2
Nominated by: Sam Francois (GC)
History: Our team name is Free Nachos For Every Two Players because we love to take advantage of the Canadian brewhouse deal after or before our games. This is now our second season in the league, and plan to keep coming back! Our team members' names are Gavin, Haley, matt, Carter, Kaley, Alyssa, Shayla, Janna, Courtney, Easton, Kyle, Luke, Hamed, Jared, and Tory.