Angie - Ambassador

Hey gang! My name is Angie McPherson and I was born and raised right here in Calgary! I play outdoor soccer and turf soccer with CSSC. My favorite things about CSSC are the friendly competition and the community. My first game ever was a disaster! It was pouring rain, I didn't have cleats yet and I was lowkey terrified of getting nailed with the ball. Despite the challenges I had fun! My team was really encouraging and from that day on I have been so motivated to become a stronger, more confident athlete. I have always loved exercise but didn't play team sports until I was 30 years old! I love the joy I get from moving and improving myself. It has had such a positive effect on my mental health that I became a holistic fitness coach and now I help women all over the world gain confidence and find joy in exercise. My favorite hobbies include lifting weights, teaching group fitness classes, riding my motorcycle and meditating with all 4 of my kitty cats!