Complete List of Jobs

Position Type Hours Now Hiring
Promo Team (PT) Part-Time See Description Yes
Emcee Part-Time See Description Yes
Event Coordinator (EC) Part-Time - Volunteer See Description Yes
Games Coordinator (GC) Part-Time See Description Yes
Event & Marketing Coordinator (EMC) Full-Time 40-45 hrs/week No
Event Coordinator Head Trainer (ECHT) Part-Time 15 hrs/week No
Leagues Coordinator (LC) Full-Time 40-45 hrs/week No
Beach Volleyball Coordinator (BVBC) Spring-Fall Seasons 30-35 hrs/week No
Field Maintenance Coordinator (FMC) Full-Time (Apr-Sept) 40hrs/week No
Customer Service and Administrative Specialist (CSAS) Full-Time 40-45 hrs/week No
Office Admin Summer Student (OASS) Summer Contract 32-37.5 hrs/week No
Manager of League Operations (MLO) Full-Time 40-45 hrs/week No
Marketing Manager (MM) - Contract Position Full-Time 40-45 hrs/week No
Sports Administrator (SA) Full-Time 40-45 hrs/week No
Special Event Coordinator (SEC) Full-Time 40-45 hrs/week No
Player Liaison (PL) Full-Time 40hrs/week No
Marketing Manager (MM) Full-Time 40-45 hrs/week No
Games Coordinator Head Trainer (GCHT) Part-Time 20-25 hrs/week No
Creative Design and Website Administrator Full-Time 40-43 hrs/week No
Field Staff Manager (FSM) Full-Time 40-45 hrs/week No
Software Developer Full-Time 40-60 hrs/month No
Grass Volleyball Set-Up Summer Season 6-12 hrs/week No
Friday Volleyball Drop In Coordinator Spring & Summer Seasons 3 hrs/week No