Games Coordinator (GC)

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GC Testimonials

Vanessa Morin

My time at CSSC has been beyond my expectations.

When I first started I was very thoroughly trained and learned the ropes from experienced GC's. As I transitioned into running games solo, I found a new sense of confidence. In my role as a GC I have the opportunity to work with many different types of people and work together to solve issues that may arise during a game. The mentality around solving issues at the CSSC is choose what option is the most fair and displays the highest sportsmanship. Very rarely are their issues that require disciplinary action making the role of the GC very fun. 

The main duties assigned to me are those that facilitate the game for our players. I am responsible to get all equipment ready and make them available to our players. In addition to set up, I monitor games to encourage teams to play with a fun first attitude. Occasionally, issues arise where I need to step in to ensure sportsmanship isn't compromised. Generally, players understand and respect the rules creating an opportunity for easy conflict resolution. The social aspect of the game is what truly makes working at the CSSC unique. Players on all teams often joke around and work together to have fun. Since starting work, many players greet me by first name and have even asked me to join their teams. 

The main take away for me as a GC has been honing my conflict resolution and proactive problem solving abilities. I've completed four seasons as a GC and I have seen major personal development from one season to another. The confidence I have found in being more assertive to ensure fair play and that everyone is enjoying their time has influenced other areas of my life. In addition to building confidence, I have found the performance based atmosphere at CSSC to truly reward those who put in the extra effort.

Amanda Gramiak

Working as a GC with CSSC has been an amazing experience. You get to meet a ton of people (both players and other GC's) who are all in interested in the same thing, SPORTS!

Through the role of a GC I've had the opportunity to try a multitude of sports that I might not otherwise have had (dodgeball, volleyball, kickball, floor hockey). The hours are very accommodating to other commitments (school, day time jobs, life). Being a GC I feel like I'm part of the CSSC family, even when you shoot your boss in the head in archery tag! It truly is the best part time job.

General Overview

Now you can GET PAID to GET IN THE GAME! Becoming a GC will allow you to get involved and meet new people in the league each night. This is a great opportunity to be a leader and help coordinate CSSC league nights!

This position involves overseeing the games at the gym, setting up the equipment, meeting team captains, starting games, monitoring the action by calling plays or penalties as required and filing game reports to the CSSC office. This is an active job, requiring 2-4 shifts per week.

Start Date: Training begins seasonally. We have 4 seasons annually. Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.


  • Arrive at gym 15 minutes prior to 1st game
  • Organize equipment; get ready for the games
  • Host a captains meeting before the game; discuss key rules, set expectations
  • Monitor the games by assigning penalties/fouls as required, moving along the floor with the action and keeping score
  • Complete a game report for each game and submit them online the following day by midnight.

Sports Offered: Ball Hockey, Basketball, Dodgeball, Multi-Sport and Soccer.

Hours: 4-16 hours per week. We have shifts available Sunday thru Thursday. GCs have the ability to be flexible and are able to pick the nights that they are available to work.


  • Punctual with a reliable vehicle
  • Confident
  • Respectful
  • Sports Background
  • Personable
  • Assertive
  • Coachable
  • Strong communication skills (both written and verbal)
  • Must be at least 18 years of age


Hourly Rate of Pay:

$16.50/hour to start. Raises are available after 2nd, 4th and 8th season. A successful long term GC will reach $19.00/hour going into their 9th working season and $20.00/hour going into their 17th working season with the club.  For a breakdown of potential hourly earnings, please see below:

Season Pay Rate
0-2 Seasons Complete $16.50
2-4 Seasons Complete $17.00
4-8 Seasons Complete $18.00
8+ Seasons Complete $19.00
16+ Seasons Complete $20.00

Bonus Opportunities:

Season End Performance Bonuses are also available and successful GC's can earn up to $1.00/hour worked throughout each season and a playing bonus based off the amount of hours a GC worked in a season.Below is a breakdown of the GC Playing Bonus scale:

Hours Worked During Season Compensation Value
0-20 $0
21-40 $60
41-70 $75
71+ $90

How to Apply

All applicants must complete the Online Pre-interview form. Please attach your resume and cover letter at the bottom of the pre-interview form. Attn. Justin Allen, Senior Field Staff Manager.