Staff Testimonials

If the prospect of working for the SSC isn’t already enticing enough, hear what some of the staff have to say about working for the City’s #1 Co-ed Adult Sports Provider!

Name: Justin Allen
Position: Senior Field Staff Manager
Favorite thing(s) about working for the SSC: The SSC is an office culture unlike any other. The office employees that the SSC has assembled create a very positive working environment, and come together to provide quality sport and social offerings for Albertans. The SSC leagues would not operate without the additional 40-50 part-time Games Coordinators that are hired to facilitate the sports each season. Overall, the SSC is the perfect place to work if you’re looking to be a part of a strong, team-oriented atmosphere and share a passion for sports!

Name: Marissa Crosswhite
Position: Leagues Coordinator
Favorite thing(s) about working for the SSC: I absolutely love being a full time employee for the SSC! I’ve seen many different perspectives of the Club’s operations as I’ve progressed from a player, to a Games Coordinator, to a full time employee as a Customer Service and Admin Specialist, and now as a Leagues Coordinator (and volunteering as an Event Coordinator along the way). I am proud to be a part of an organization that has allowed me to progress my career and given me the opportunity to move up in the organization. This type of culture is rewarding for myself as I am driven, passionate, and genuinely excited to go to work every day, and I feel like I make a solid impact on those who participate in SSC Leagues and Events.

Name: Kimberly Kim
Position: Accounting Coordinator
Favorite thing(s) about working for the SSC: I work for the SSC as the full-time Accounting Coordinator. The more I work at the Club, the longer I want to stay! I feel appreciated and respected and we help each other to accomplish a common goal. It is rewarding to work at the SSC, as the Leadership group listens to ideas, promotes teamwork and fosters a positive, goal-driven environment. The SSC has definitely helped to develop my skills and career!