COVID-19 Sub Policy

Alberta Health mandates that all sport cohorts, aka your division of teams, be restricted to a maximum of 50 people. Additionally, at this time players are limited to participating in just one cohort. This means that for most leagues, subs outside of your team roster are very limited!

With these limitations, we are doing the best we can to still ensure all teams can play games each week:

  • We are working towards getting designated subs for each league. Once a division has committed subs lined up, the contact information will be shared with team captains.
  • We strongly encourage all teams who have not reached roster capacity to recruit a sub or two to add to the roster.
  • When possible, we have scheduled teams from the same division to play at that the same facility, in back-to-back time slots to allow teams within the same cohort to share players.

All teams need to ensure they have a committed core of players who can attend all the games, and take advantage of the full roster capacity. Roster caps, and limited subbing options are all required to ensure we are following AHS guidelines to safely sport during COVID.

Becoming a Sub

  • You must NOT already be participating in a CSSC league.
  • With each league getting assigned an average of 2 subs, there is a strong chance you will receive a call to play every week!
  • To register as a sub head to MyCSSC:
    • Login to MyCSSC
    • In the sub-menu, click 'Subs' and then 'Register As A Sub'

Using Unregistered Subs

  • Teams using subs that are not confirmed on a team's roster, or approved by CSSC office are in violation of Return to Play Guidelines and risk suspension and/or fines.

Requesting a Sub

  • Please refer to the flow chart below before submitting a sub request to the office.
  • If you decide you need to submit a sub request this is done through your “Current Registration” in MyCSSC.


Should I submit a sub request form to the CSSC?