How to Win A Doubles Match… Solo

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - 09:30
Senior Field Staff Manager

We have all been there. On the unfortunate end of a call from a teammate who can’t make it last minute. A late email from a sub who can no longer commit to filling-in for your teammate. Worse yet, someone just not showing up. You’re probably thinking ‘Great - how do I beat my opponent of two people when I’m playing by myself?’. It’s definitely unfortunate being stuck in that situation, but not impossible to come out on top. Within this article, you will receive a few tips on how to defeat your opponents SOLO. That’s right baby, it’s your time to shine.

Utilizing these tips below will almost certainly guarantee you a victory… okay, maybe not guarantee, but you will have a much better game and will come out with a better outcome – hopefully a victory:

  1. Stay in the Base Position – It’s important to not let yourself get too out of position and allow your opponents an opportunity at an easy point. Stay disciplined and position yourself in the middle of the court but a little closer to the net than the back of the court. Utilize that great wingspan you have to reach for those shuttles!
  2. Hit Those Corners – Those beautiful painted boundary lines at the back of the court, yeah, aim for those. Putting the shuttle near the back of the court provides you with a bit more time to react to their shot.
  3. Avoid Net Drops - As mentioned in tip 2, make your opponent work in the back of the court. Placing the shuttle near the front of the net, especially if the shot is not very tight, could allow your opponent the opportunity for an easy point.
  4. Isolate your opponent – That’s right, make it a game of 1 vs 1. Identify an opponent you wish to battle and aim the shuttle towards them every time. Eliminating the 2nd player allows you a better opportunity to come out on top.

Ah yes, you are now primed for victory should you ever have to play an opposing team consisting of two members… that’s right, SOLO!

*Disclaimer* - The SSC does not guarantee victories to sporting participants, these are merely suggestions. Thanks for reading and until next time, hit those shuttles out of park… court… playing area… boundary lines… Yeah, just have fun out there!