Dodgeball 101 – Mistakes to avoid and Tricks of the Trade

Wednesday, April 10, 2019 - 09:33
Field Staff Manager

Dodgeball, great movie, even better game! What makes the sport even more fun? When everyone has a great understanding of the rules!

Although we highly suggest reading the full CSSC Dodgeball Rulebook, here are some quick rules specifically for newbies: 

  • Never hold more than 1 ball at a time or you are out.
  • When you throw a ball, it needs to touch or cross the center line in the air! In other words, you are out if you drop your ball, if another ball knocks yours out of your hand(s) and it doesn’t cross the center line or if you dribble the ball. New players sometimes dribble the ball out of habit but if you do this, you will be called out!
  • You only have 10 seconds per possession to get the ball past the center line. The 10 second count does not reset by passing to a teammate. If you hold a ball for more than 10 seconds, you will be called out.

While we are at it, here are a couple tips and tricks to help you have a successful Dodgeball season! (No, they don’t involve dodging wrenches for practice)

  • Throw as a team: first decide where you want to throw then, in unison, count down 3, 2, 1, throw! Picking one target and throwing together will increase your odds of hitting another player.
  • Throw at the feet: This will avoid the high throw call from the GC and avoid the player catching your throw.
  • Understand your opponent: Learn their tricks and strategies. If you know something key about one of their players, make sure you share this information with your entire team.

We hope these few tips and tricks help you have an enjoyable season of Dodgeball. If you are still looking for some more strategic play. Please take a look at the rest of our Let’s Talk Strategy series!

Now, Ready, Set, DODGEBALL!