Dad’s Night Off! Put those Dad Reflexes to the test! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - 10:15
Player Liaison

Have you ever seen a kid fall off a swing set, and then hit the ground below them? No? Well, that’s because dads, every single one of them, are gifted with this superpower once they become a dad. The super power I am talking about is, of course, reflexes quicker than that of a cat.

That kid who over does it on the swings and has a one-way ticket to the ground below them? BANG! Dad’s there, probably not spilling a drop of his Tim’s Double-Double, shooting his free arm out and catching his kid, saving them from a world of hurt.

Maybe a young one hasn’t quite learned how to take on a set of stairs. Like the dare-devils they are at that age, they attempt to go from the top down to learn, misjudging the size of the step, and you can see the snowball start to roll. But then BOOM! There’s dad again, keeping one eye on the TV to ensure he doesn’t miss a second of the game/his favourite show, once again rescuing his little mischievous troublemaker before they take a tumble.

We have all seen the YouTube videos of these TSN Top-Ten worthy feats of athleticism, which caused us to ask the question:

Do these reflexes that all Dads’ possess translate from the family home to the gym?

It’s really a no-brainer, I mean I don’t have kids, but I would bet that dads are better at keeping the ball out of the net than anyone else. It’s just science, really. Picture the bright orange ball as your clumsy toddler, on their way to Snoozeville on the edge of the couch, about to roll off, and there is no chance that ball doesn’t end up in your trapper, or snuggled up nicely in the breadbasket.

All dads deserve a night off once in a while. Why not spend it by getting out to the gym to play some hockey with the guys and gals, and show off your God-given dad super power while you’re at it?

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