Player Profile: Everyone’s Favourite Plumber, Nick

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - 09:45
Sr. Field Staff Manager

Recently, we sat down with CSSC floor hockey veteran, Nick McGhie and asked him a few tidbits about what he enjoys the most about playing floor hockey. For those of you who don’t know, Nick is the CSSC’s ‘plumbing guy’. He has assisted the CSSC in creating the shower systems at the Marda Loop and Parkdale beach volleyball courts and installed toilets and faucets at our turf soccer facility, Trifecta.

Not only can he tend to regular pipes, he’s also a boss between pipes! To add to his list of skills, Nick is a versatile member of the team who can contribute on the floor as a player too! Let’s take a moment to learn his thoughts and favourite moments as a CSSC floor hockey player:

How long have you played with the CSSC? 
I’ve played for the CSSC for 4 years. I started by subbing on a friend’s team for a game and joined the team full time after that. It’s been a great 16 seasons! 

What do you enjoy the most about playing with the CSSC? 
I enjoy getting out of the house on a Tuesday night to play hockey with my friends. It’s great to be able to go get a drink after and catch up with them. 

Best nickname on your team?
To be honest we don’t have any good nicknames… maybe we should start? 

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you during a CSSC game?
A couple seasons ago we were playing a team and we happened to finish early so we still had time to have some fun. We had an impromptu shootout and myself as a goalie and the other team’s goalie each took a shot on each other trying to stickhandle with our goalie sticks. It did not turn out well haha 

What is your favorite memory playing with the CSSC?
We as a team played the same team in the championship game a few seasons in a row and had a string of second place finishes. We met them again in the finals and we ended up winning the game. That’s a great memory. It’s competitive to win those T-shirts! 

How many league championships have you won?
We have won one but finished second countless times… it’s a running joke on our team! 

You play both goalie and player. Which position do you prefer and why?
I prefer to play goalie because I’ve played the position longer than I’ve been a part of the CSSC. My team mates would agree that I can stop a ball better than I can shoot a ball! 

Who is your favorite GC?
We have had a lot of GCs over the years but recently Dana has stood out as a great GC! He calls the games fair and is friendly with us and all the teams. 

Any advice for new players to the league?
If you’re looking at joining a floor hockey team but don’t have enough for a full team, join an individual’s team. Over the years I’ve seen individual teams stick together, sign up for the next season and keep playing every year. It’s a great way to learn a new sport or meet new friends. 

And there you have it everyone, Nick McGhie’s floor hockey life in a nutshell. Look out for Nick at floor hockey gyms across the city (he’s the one in the photo above with the heart around his face!). One of the nicest guys you will ever meet and one of the best plumbers around. Use Nick for your plumbing needs today, feel free to call 403-687-23…. Ah, we are just kidding.