It’s All in the Kick

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 - 11:30

Facility & Leagues Coordinator

Spring is approaching quickly and as is the first Kickball season of the year. With that, it is time to get pumped and get out there and play!

If you are anything like the average Kickball player, it has probably been ~ 200 days since you last kicked a ball which can be an issue if this is your year and you want to claim the League Championship! That’s where we come in, to provide some handy tips on how to best kick the ball in different situations.

The Line Drive

Purpose: This type of kick is a go-to if you are not confident you can get the distance for a home-run or deep out-field kick and to help get on base. This kick will focus on keeping the ball low with lots of power (i.e. hard to catch / stop for defenders).
Technique: The first thing you want to do is square-up to the plate and be sure that you are in a ready position for the pitch. To achieve this low, powerful shot you want to connect with the ball as it is on a down-bounce, with the side of your foot while staying nice and low in your stance (keep that chest down over your feet) and follow through with your toes even. With practice you will be able to keep the ball low and hard and be a menace to the infielders.

The Lob Shot

Purpose: This type of kick can come in handy if you want to help move a player up the bases. You just need to get it deep enough so your teammate has enough time to tag up and run after it is caught.
Technique: To pull this one off, you want to stand square to the plate and be ready for the pitch to come through. As the ball is coming through the batter’s box on an upward-bounce, you want to connect with the ball on the top of your foot and slightly “pop” it up. The key to getting the distance and avoiding an in-field fly, is to follow through. You will get nice height and enough distance to get some movement on those bases!

Going for the Fences

Purpose: Plain and simple, homers and RKI’s (Runs Kicked In). This shot combines power and height to give you an overall great kick to carry your team to victory.
Technique: As with the other kicks, square up to the plate in the ready position. When the ball comes through the batter’s box, you want to connect when the ball is as even as possible, with the top of your laces (think the top of the big bone below your big toe) and with your toes turned down. Keep upright in your stance, don’t lean over or backwards and follow through – point that toe where you want the ball to go – and watch it fly! This kick will take some practice to get the power down but once mastered, can be a game changer.

Now that you are equipped with these tips, get out there and practice. Help bring your team to the Championship, but most importantly have fun!