Choose Your Own Destiny – The Multi-Sport Playoff Format

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - 09:45
Manager of League Operations

Multi-Sport (MTS) has been our most unique offering since it was introduced in Winter 2015 and the playoffs are no different! One of the best aspects of Multi-Sport is the playoff structure. Since MTS was such a unique breed, we needed a unique playoff format to keep players engaged and level the playing field.

It’s our only sport where players actually get to have a say in their playoff match-up. Here’s how it works:

  1. Prior to week one of the playoffs, we send out an email to both captains in a specific match-up (for example, 1st vs 4th) and ask them to veto two sports that they don’t want to play in the playoffs.
  2. We tally the results based on both captains’ vetoes and randomly select a sport among the choices left for the two teams to play that week.
  3. We then repeat steps one and two for the second week of playoffs.
  4. We always do our best to avoid scheduling the same sport for the same teams in back to back weeks in order to keep the line-up fresh during the playoff run.
  5. The Spring season is a little more unique, as we use a combination of both indoor and outdoor sports. In playoff week one, captains get to veto one indoor sport and in playoff week two, captains get to veto an outdoor sport.

A few key tips to consider if you are a captain and get to choose your adventure:

  1. Veto a sport your team is terrible at. Keep your WHOLE team in mind, not just what sport you as a captain are bad at.
  2. Look at the standings and analyze your match-up. You may be bad at one sport, but your opponent may be even worse, so you might want to consider keeping it as an option.
  3. Analyze your opponent and learn what sport they’re killer at playing. How good your opponent is at one sport may be scarier than how bad you are at one, so you may want to simply consider vetoing that one sport your opponent crushed everyone in (even if your team is also good at it).
  4. Finally, pick the sport you had the most FUN playing! We are a fun-first sports league, so enjoy this unique flavor we added to MTS.

We love the interaction we get to have with our players and the MTS playoff format is one of the best methods to do so!

If you have any feedback related to the MTS playoff format or any suggestions, please email the office at

Choose your sport wisely!