The Growing Epidemic: Multi-Sport!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 - 12:45
Facility & Leagues Coordinator

Webster’s dictionary defines epidemic as “an outbreak or product of sudden rapid spread, growth, or development.” Now, this term is often used when describing the spread of diseases; and while Multi-Sport is not a disease, the fun you’ll have playing it will be infectious!

Since it’s induction in 2015, our Multi-Sport leagues have seen consistent growth and it does not appear that trend will be slowing down anytime soon. In the first year that the CSSC offered Multi-Sport, 104 teams have played across the four seasons. For the 2018 season, we have already had 107 teams play and that doesn’t include the upcoming Fall season numbers!

Is it really any surprise though that this league is gaining popularity and more teams are giving it a try? What better way to find out what sports you enjoy the most, or what sports your team should definitely not sign up for a full season of, then to give them all a try once! It is the perfect league to test the waters, and to pick a different MVP from your team each and every week. Not only that, but our Multi-Sport leagues tend to be privy to some unique sports that the CSSC does not offer as full leagues of their own. Some of these more unique sports that have been (or soon could be!) a part of the Multi-Sport line-up include: Laser Tag, AFL 7’s, Street Basketball, Archery Tag, and Quidditch. That’s right, Quidditch.

You’re probably wondering why we offer sports in the Multi-Sport league that we do not offer as leagues of their own, isn’t that the point? While we do believe Multi-Sport to be the perfect way to try out the different offerings and maybe see which particular sport your team enjoys most, we also find this league to be the perfect place to test out new sports for our lineup. In other words, if we find one of the unique offerings is a huge success in Multi-Sport and teams rave about it, there is always potential it could become a league of its own in the future. Not only that, but want to keep things interesting for our returning teams by trying to throw a new, unique sport into the mix each season!

We here at the CSSC headquarters have definitely caught the Multi-Sport fever. Curious and eager to experience this league for ourselves, many of our staff have participated in the Multi-Sport leagues over the seasons, some may have even claimed a league championship along the way. But most importantly, we have all had an absolute blast and will continue to contribute to these growing numbers.