Net Strategy: Serve & Volley

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - 11:00
Manager of League Operations

The old serve and volley is one of the OG tennis strategies…it’s also useful for the Pickleball stage.

It’s easy to become sucked in to the methodical rally from one end of the court to the other. Developing a strategy to take control of the net can be a game changer for your Pickleball team.

This gives you the ability to win points early in the play rather than engaging in the long rally.

The key to the concept is the 3rd hit. The 1st hit is the serve, with the 2nd hit being the return. If you can establish a net front presence for that 3rd hit, you have a lot to work with.

The pro’s of this aggressive strategy are:

  1. You surprise your opponent. The break from the norm can force them into unforced errors. You don’t want to serve and volley every point, but mix it in every now and again.
  2. You conserve energy. These points are likely to end points quicker, meaning less mileage piling up on the limbs.
  3. The change from the norm disrupts your players momentum or groove.

By playing at the net, the opposite side of the court opens up. If the opponent’s return comes towards you at the net, you can play side to side with ease, creating great angles and leaving the opponent unsure of whether you will hit deep or drop shot.

You can serve wide, followed by a net volley, leaving the court open. Or, you can serve down the middle and storm the net as this weakens the opponent’s ability to hit a cross court shot without crossing your path.

The only thing to note, is that you must refrain from approaching too close! You must stay out of ‘the kitchen’ to pull it off. Good luck Pickles!