Power vs. Finesse

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - 10:45
Creative Design & Web Admin

After a few seasons as one of the newest CSSC sports, we have had the opportunity to see lots of Pickleball matches. While observing the game of Pickleball we have noticed there are a few different types of Pickleball players.

First there are the Power Players. These players smash the ball like they are in a tennis match every chance they get. Most of the balls will be near the end line and you risk the chance of these shots going out of bounds. This method is typically less accurate, but I admit, it does look pretty cool when you nail that power shot.

Secondly there are the Finesse Players. Some veteran Pickleballers would call this style of playing “the Soft Game”, or the “the Dink Game”. The “Soft Game” is all about patience. The idea is to keep hitting good dink shots until your opponent either hits one into the net, or hits one a bit too high which allows you or your teammate to smash a winner. By doing this you are forcing your opponents to make mistakes and also having some pretty fun rallies!

Once you master “the Soft Game” then you can start to develop a more hybrid approach with a healthy mix of Finesse and Power. Try out a little Finesse when you step on the court next game!