Keeping Things in Line is Never a Drag – Equipment Upgrades

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 13:45
Program Development Manager

The smell of fresh cut grass. The shine of a freshly painted line. The glisten of a recently groomed shale diamond. Spring sports must be in the air! While these things might not excite all sport enthusiasts, they certainly make for routine water cooler discussion here at the office.

With the 2017 outdoor season now underway, we wanted to share some exciting news regarding equipment upgrades and our field maintenance program. In an on-going effort to improve the quality of playfields, increase player satisfaction and make field set-up easy on the teams, we are constantly reviewing our field maintenance budget, equipment choices and standards. With close to $5,000 allocated to new maintenance equipment this year, some of the exciting upgrades we have made include:

The Airlessco Field Stripe Plus – a brand new industrial field-liner that should better handle the volume of fields we line on a daily and weekly basis.

The Jack Watson Diamond Digger drag system - an addition to our current steel shale drag mat which will allow our maintenance team to dig deeper into the harder shale for a more even infield.

In addition to our new equipment, we also have our old liner and diamond drag mat in rotation on a daily basis, as well as our mower, trailer and grass maintenance equipment.

We expect that your team will notice some of the upgrades on your scheduled fields in the coming weeks and hope this leads to an improved playing experience. If you want to learn more about the Field Maintenance Program, click here for last year’s Q&A article with our field maintenance team.