What is Wiffleball?

Wednesday, March 13, 2019 - 11:45
Player Liaison

Cold weather got you feeling down? Wishing you could escape to some tropical destination? We can’t book you a ticket to Mexico, but we could register you for our newest Indoor sport offering! Enter Wiffleball: the perfect alternative for our vitamin D deprived Slo-Pitch players who are just aching to get back out there for some simulated Spring and Summer fun.

Wiffleball is played with intense skill and admiration in Caribbean countries as a rite of passage for young people looking to make it to the Big Leagues. Vitilla, as it is known in many Caribbean countries, involves players pitching small bottle caps that could curve up to 10 feet! Name a Caribbean All-Star player in the MLB last year, and you can bet that player played (and still plays) a version of Wiffleball. Now, with the SSC version, you’ll be crushing dingers like Big Papi in no time.

The exciting nature of Wiffleball has caused its popularity to explode in recent years, and you can imagine why we think it’s a perfect addition to our sport line-up. You could say, it fits like a glove! Played with brand new gear (no bottle caps or broom sticks), two teams of 7, and in an indoor turf environment, CSSC Wiffleball players can look forward to many aspects of our new offering.
Basic Format:

  • 7 vs 7 format - Minimum 5 players, 1 of which are female (Ideal roster size is 8-11)
  • 9 Innings or 1.25 hours, whichever comes first
  • Teams can score a maximum of 7 runs in one inning with the exception of the final inning where there are unlimited runs
  • Mercy is called and the score freezes if a team gains a 20-run lead
  • Teams pitch overhand and use a strike zone target to determine balls and strikes
  • A player can pitch a maximum of 3 innings per game before they must be replaced
  • All Wiffleball Leagues are self-officiated although an on-site coordinator is present to help facilitate games and rules

Now get a Wiff of that and register yourself for Spring Training!