Complete the Triangle!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 - 13:30

Customer Service & Admin Specialist

If you have played any type of soccer before, you have probably heard a teammate or coach yell “No Square Passes”! A square ball or pass is a direct pass from one player to another that is “square” or parallel to the end lines of the soccer pitch. There are two main reasons to avoid this square pass:

  1. This pass is easily read and can be intercepted by the opposition. In the event that they do intercept the pass, it’s a quick counter attack and more than likely a goal scoring opportunity.
  2. As these passes are easily read, they are also very easy to defend! By passing a square ball in the oppositions end, you are staying stagnant and not breaking down the defense. This makes the defending team’s job very easy!

So, how do you get away from these square passes and become both a defensive and offensive asset to your team? Play in triangles! Triangles and diamonds are the most common shape to play in a soccer game. By creating triangles on the field players are forced to play diagonal balls! These diagonal passes are both safe defensively and effective offensively! These diagonal passes allow a team to keep possession, build an attack, and break down the defense.

Pro-Tip: Before you complete your pass make sure verbal communication and eye contact have been established!