How is it Different from Soccer?

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 - 10:15
Sr Marketing Manager

What is Futsal? Is it the same as Soccer? Different? The goal of this article is to provide you with a snapshot of the differences between Soccer and Futsal so you can make an educated decision on which sport best suits your preferences. Here are some fun facts and differences between both sports:

  1. Ball size: Futsal is played with a size 4 low bounce ball (approximately 30% less bounce), versus a normal size 5 ball. Result: a more controlled game.
  2. Futsal is universally considered a faster paced, more action packed game. Each player will on average get 210% more ball touches than any other form of Soccer. Result: You skill level goes sky high.
  3. Goals scored: there are on average 3 times more goals scored in a game of Futsal. Result: you look like a pro in front of all your friends.
  4. No Walls: that’s right, no more banking to yourself or a teammate. In that respect, Futsal is much more like outdoor soccer. Result: you’ll become more tactically aware, with skills you can transfer to Outdoor Soccer.
  5. Safety: eliminating walls makes Futsal safer but there are even more aspects of Futsal which make it more safe than Outdoor Soccer. There are fewer high speed collisions because the field is shorter. You don’t develop the same full head of steam running for the ball in Futsal and consequently have less speed related issues. Finally, a game which emphasizes control under pressure versus kick and run, inevitably leads to more heads-up plays. In general, it is safer by virtue of the fewer injuries due to the nature of the space and the game. Result: awesome, healthy body.

We just began offering Futsal but we have already seen the demand and popularity of the sport. So if you are looking to hone in on your foot skills, or simply try something new, we would suggest giving Futsal a shot. It’s also still kind of underground so if you’re a hipster, this might just be the perfect sport for you!