Playing Under the Lights

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 - 10:15
Manager of League Operations

As the days start to get shorter, we will soon be faced with the sad fact that our after-work activities are done in the dark of the night. Fear not, the Club knows that you want to be outside enjoying the last of the warmth before the dreaded season that starts with a “W” comes rolling in, which is why we offer weekday Under the Lights leagues!

Playing Under the Lights is pretty darn cool, it makes even the most uncoordinated amongst us feel like stars! Rolling up to a lighted field brings a sense of awe and a deep routed desire to perform. Too bad, within minutes of stepping on the field that initial confidence can be shaken when all of a sudden it seems like it’s become more difficult to play! Well we have a few tips for you, so that you can give a great performance on the lighted stage:

  1. Ditch the sunglasses...Ok for real though…..
  2. Warm-up – warm-up in progressions, really get that foot-eye and hand-eye coordination going before even touching a ball.
  3. Orientate yourself – You will find that your depth perception will be a little different than usual. Take a few more practice shots on the net to get a feel for your range and do a few more in air passes to a partner. The last thing anyone wants is for depth perception to fail resulting in a ball to the face.
  4. Don’t stare into the light – The lights are bright, when you look up and accidently stare right into the rays coming down you will need a second or two to see right again.
  5. Have fun – at the end of the day we are all out there to have a good time. We expect that with the night there will be a few funnier plays and fails.