Spikeball Strategy

Monday, February 4, 2019 - 14:00
A.J. Mike Smith
Player Liaison

So, you want to be a spikeballer, hey? You’ve played a couple rounds, fallen deeply in love with the sport, maybe even dedicated your life to it, who knows! You’ve identified who out of your friends is your best teammate, and you’re ready to be the first ever CSSC Spikeball champs for Spring 2019!

But first, this article is a must-read. It just so happens that I am the best spikeball player in my circle of friends (Yes, Quinn, if you are reading this, even better than you), so why not take some pointers from an almost-pro?

Cover that net!

First off, Spikeball is a 360 degree sport, the ball can come off the net at any angle and land anywhere on the ground, and if you or your teammate aren’t there to keep that thing in the air, you’ll be giving up points all day! Teammates have to set up beside their partners, but as soon as the serve is sauced up, a free-for-all ensues. The strategy I always try to use is having my teammate directly across the net from me, and taking a 50/50 coverage approach.

Mix up your power!

With spike being in the name of the sport, it is a widely mistaken ideal that you must put all your might into your strikes off the net to the other team. While that is sometimes a good way to get the other team moving, mixing it up is the better way to keep a team guessing. Hammer one off the net one possession, then the next drop one on there, feathering it off the net and dropping just on the other side of the rim.

Learn to serve the ball at least three different ways!

MLB Pitchers that can’t throw over 100 MPH need to rely on their “stuff” to be effective. They can’t blow the ball by the hitter every single time, and neither can you, CSSCers! Serving in Spikeball takes skill and brains. If the returner is set deep, take some heat off and make them work to get back to the net in time to bump it up to their partner. If they are playing the net aggressively, floor it and launch a serve so hot it can’t be controlled at them!

Most important strategy of all: Have fun!

Spikeball wasn’t created to ruin friendships, but rather to create new ones and enhance old ones! However you decide to play the game, remember to always play it in a way that you will be able to say “that was a blast!” every time you play!

Have fun out there, CSSCers!