Beach to Indoor Volleyball: A Guide

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 09:15
Manager of League Operations

In Alberta, we mourn the passing of our fleeting summer months like no other – we break out the parkas and toques and embrace our awesome indoor facilities to stay fit and active until the days grow long again. Here’s a quick guide for success indoors this Fall and Winter!

Trade in your bare feets for sneaks!
Save yourself some cash on pedicures and lace up to go indoors. Your non-marking indoor shoes have been sitting alone on your shoe rack for too long and they miss you.

Trade in your sunglasses for knee pads and high socks!
With no need to concern yourself with a funky tan-line, high socks are a great way to avoid the indoor-floor-burn. The soft playground sand at our beach courts will be just a memory, so you will need good joint protection to make those TSN-turning-point plays.

Trade in your tarps-off attitude for multi-purpose tarps-on!
Allow your admirers to get wobbly-kneed over your spikes - employ compression shirts or sleeves to keep your body in top form and protected from strains/overuse injuries. Proper stretching and warm-ups also help.

Trade in your solo-cups for a water bottle!
While the free Gatorade was a sweet treat all Summer, you’ll need to ensure that you have your own source of hydration – it’s that or the water fountains! Now hang in there and work on your summer bods – Beach will be back before you know it!