Fall 2022 Rule Updates

Fall 2022: 3on3 Format Only Reverted the rule stating that female goalies may count towards the player minimums.

  • With 3 players required to play out on the floor, a maximum of 2 may be M/X, with a minimum of 1 Female.
  • If a goalie is Female, there must still be an additional Female player on the floor.


Fall 2020 Rule Updates

Hockey Gloves – Glove up! You are now allowed to wear your Ice/Ball Hockey and Lacrosse gloves if you feel like adding some extra protection for your hands. Just make sure you don’t drop them, because fighting is definitely not allowed!

Goalie Creases – Alright goalies, we are allowing you to leave your tight space; you are free! You now have free reign and can leave your crease to play the ball.

Extra Attacker –  Moving forward, teams have the option to pull their goaltender for an extra player (can be any gender) in an attempt to even the score!

Short-handed Plays – Moving forward, you can expect more short-handed plays and scoring opportunities. We have removed the confusing lingo and simplified it for everyone involved.

High Sticking – The definition of a high-stick remains the same, but you will no longer be called for a high-sticking infraction that is not part of the play. Get ready to celebrate that goal!

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