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SCHEDULES: All schedules will be posted by 11pm two days prior to the first game. If they are not posted, they are a work in progress and will be soon. Players do not need to call and check in!

STANDINGS: League standings are updated within 72 hours of each game. If the score for a game has been recorded inaccurately, the team captain should fill out this form within one week of the game in question. Concerns brought to the attention of staff after the one week deadline are not guaranteed to be amended.

FACILITY USE: Players are expected to treat the facility with respect. Any player or team who causes the CSSC to get a complaint may be removed from the league and subject to a $100 fine. The CSSC is a rental group and as such can have our rental rights revoked at any time.

Important Court Guidelines:
1. Coloured beverages are not allowed on the ice surface, and water must be in a sealed container.
2. Players are not permitted to wear outdoor footwear on the ice surface.
3. Clean up after yourselves.
4. Players should be mindful when throwing rocks - ensure the rock does not hit the hack or the end with excessive force.
5. Always respect the facility staff – rink maintenance workers, receptionists, bartenders, etc. are very important to our rental.
6. Notify the facility of any damage to the surface or equipment prior to playing.