CSSC League Policies

Futsal Rulebook

Last Updated: March 2023

Spring 2023 Rule Updates

Spring 2023:

  • Starting & Re-starting Play
    • Previous: A player can remain stationary while in the crease, but cannot interfere with the Goalkeeper
      • NEW: A player may enter and move in the crease without contacting the goalkeeper, if a player intentionally makes contact with or obstructs the goalkeeper inside the crease it will result in an indirect free-kick for the defending team. 
  • Goalkeepers
    • Previous: Goalkeeper may throw, kick or drop- kick the ball from their crease back into play
      • NEW: A goalkeeper may throw (up to half) or kick the ball from their crease, back into play. A goalkeeper may not drop-kick the ball.
    • Previous: If the goalkeeper opts to throw the ball, and the ball crosses the half before it is touched by any player, play will be blown dead and will result ina  corner kick for the opposing team
      • NEW: If the goalkeeper opts to throw the ball, and the ball crosses the half line before it is touched by a player or has touched the ground, play will be blown dead and will result in an indirect free-kick from the spot on the half line where the ball crossed.
    • Previous: Cannot pick up a pass (with their hands) from a player on their team
      • NEW: Cannot pick up a pass after it was intentionally passed to them from a teammate’s knee/foot or from a throw-in. This is considered a handball and the opposing team will be awarded an indirect free kick.
  • Violations & Fouls
    • Previous: The advantage rule can be called by the team fouled or at the GC’s discretion
      • NEW: The advantage rule will be called by the GC.
    • Previous: Handball includes from the top of the shoulders to the fingertips
      • NEW: Includes from the bottom of the shoulder to the fingertips.
    • Previous: Too many players in the field; when a player enters the field to their advantage, before the replacement reaches the sideline.
      • NEW: Too many players on the field may not be to the substituting teams advantage but is an infringement due to having unfair number of players on the field & hence would be an indirect free-kick.
    • Previous: Delay of game; When a player or team intentionally shoots the ball out of bounds, or impedes the play from re-starting in anyway
      • NEW: When a player or team impedes the restart of play


Fall 2022:

  • Goalies and Player MinimumsReverted the rule stating that female goalies may count towards the player minimums:
    • With 4 players required to play outfield, a maximum of 3 may be M/X, with a minimum of 1 Female.
    • If a goalie is Female, there must still be an additional Female player on the field.
  • Recreational Plus & Intermediate Divisions Only
    • In Rec Plus & Intermediate divisions, the Mercy rule has been removed for playoff games. This means the score will not freeze at a 7-goal differential.


Fall 2021: Shoot Out Order – In the event of a shoot out:

  • 5 different players from each team will shoot, 1 of which must be female
  • If the score is still tied after 5 shooters, teams will alternate shooters until the tie is broken (sudden death, per pair of shooters)
  • A player can only shoot a second time once all players of that gender have shot