Fall 2022 Rule Updates

Fall 2022:

  • Goalies and Player MinimumsReverted the rule stating that female goalies may count towards the player minimums:
    • With 4 players required to play outfield, a maximum of 3 may be M/X, with a minimum of 1 Female.
    • If a goalie is Female, there must still be an additional Female player on the field.
  • Recreational Plus & Intermediate Divisions Only
    • In Rec Plus & Intermediate divisions, the Mercy rule has been removed for playoff games. This means the score will not freeze at a 7-goal differential.


Fall 2021: Shoot Out Order – In the event of a shoot out:

  • 5 different players from each team will shoot, 1 of which must be female
  • If the score is still tied after 5 shooters, teams will alternate shooters until the tie is broken (sudden death, per pair of shooters)
  • A player can only shoot a second time once all players of that gender have shot