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To the window, to the Wall-yball

Prepare for the sweat to drip in this relatively new sport that has been gaining momentum throughout Alberta. Wallyball is an exciting, fast-paced game that combines aspects of Volleyball and Racquetball. The walls are live and your reflexes will be tested. This sport is easy to learn, especially for those who have some Volleyball experience, and is a great way to stay fit in the colder months. This sport really is off the wall!

After your game, meet up with your teammates and other players to enjoy exclusive food and drink specials at one of the CSSC's many Sponsor Bars around Calgary!

Wallyball Headlines

Wallyball Growth

Wallyball is one of the SSC’s newest offerings and it’s beginning to see growth on a global...

Tune Up your Volleyball Skills with Wallyball!

Live Walls: Time to cut down significantly on the number of times that you’ll...

Serving Strategies


If you came here looking for serving strategies in Wallyball, you’ve come to the right place!...