Team of the Week

The CSSC Team of the Week program is all about recognizing teams that are dedicated to positive sportsmanship and playing with a fun-first mentality.

How it works: Each week throughout the season the CSSC will recognize one team for their positive attitude and great sporting behavior. To be eligible, teams must first be nominated for the Lady Bing Award in a given season. All nominated teams will then have a chance to submit a photo and a short biography in order to be eligible for a Team of the Week Prize.

Prize: Each Team of the Week winner will get a shout-out on CSSC social media and also receive a $100 gift card to a CSSC Sponsor Bar.

You can help us recognize great sportsmanship by nominating a team for the Lady Bing Award. Click here to nominate a team!


Team Bio
BABE Facility 
Captain: Breanna Shalyn-Borys

Night/Div/Sport: Wednesday Recreational Slo-Pitch
Seasons in the CSSC: 1
Nominated by: Dana Andrews
History: The BABE Facility softball team is composed of a group of nerds, including our supervisor, Dr. Michael Kallos, who have (clearly) never played softball before - but are having a ton of fun trying it out. We are engineering undergraduate and graduate students who design tools and protocols for the large-scale production of stem cells and cell products. We are actually known as the Pharmaceutical Production Research Facility - but have internally remained ourselves the Bioprocess Application and Biomaterial Engineering Facility - BABE Facility. For the purpose of CSSC the acronym can also be Baseball And Bioprocess Engineering.  


Team Bio
Balls Out
Captain: Matt Jerram 

Night/Div/Sport: Tuesday Recreational Slo-Pitch
Seasons in the CSSC: 10+
Nominated by: Antonio Corbo
History: While each of us love playing softball, the ability to do it with each other is what keeps us coming back.  While some faces have changed over time the core of our team goes back over 10 years with the CSSC.  While we don't have nicknames for each other you can earn one in a hurry because we like nothing better than to give each other a hard time.  Win or lose our bench can be a tough place to be if you aren't there to have fun.  We have suffered a whole lot of losing seasons as well as some winning ones and we have had enjoyed them all equally.  As long as it's ball season and we have a team we are happy.



Team Bio
Pet Peeves
Captain: Jeff Boucher

Night/Div/Sport: Sunday Recreational Ball Hockey
Seasons in the CSSC: 5+
Nominated by: Adnan Alibhai
History: Pet Peeves has played with the CSSC for over 3 years. We started as a team of veterinarians (hence the team name “Pet Peeves”) that wanted to get together and play floor hockey. We have since grown and changed to include a variety of other professionals but we still have a few “vets” from the original team (pun intended). We enjoy the sport and the team comradery, which is why we keep playing. 

Team Bio
Captain: Emma Jackson

Night/Div/Sport: Tuesday Recreational Slo-Pitch
Seasons in the CSSC: 1 
Nominated by: Mike Bedient
History: Our team name is the Pugs named after the little star in the middle there, Max. It’s our first season playing together and we try to bring as many dogs as possible to each game (unless if it’s too hot out for Max #pugprobs).

Team Bio
The Amigos
Captain: Brittin Adams

Night/Div/Sport: Wednesday Recreational Outdoor Soccer
Seasons in the CSSC: 1 
Nominated by: Josh Idowu
History: Meet The Amigos! We are an enthusiastic soccer team playing in the Summer 2.0 league. Our team was born after a few of us girls got tired of watching the guys play sports from the sidelines. So, we decided to play/learn a new sport all together! This is our first season playing soccer together with the CSSC, and we can’t wait to keep playing!

Team Bio
Super Average Team
Captain: Ivy Lorenzo

Night/Div/Sport: Wednesday Recreational basketball
Seasons in the CSSC: 10
Nominated by: Brinthan Balakumar
History: We are Super Average Team. We have played basketball the past 10 consecutive seasons, and have played a few seasons prior. We also have many other players playing different sports throughout the year. We love playing with a fun first mentality and pride ourselves on being average. Our favorite part is having an excuse to see each other at least once a week and going to wing nights after the game. Thank you for the nomination!


Team Bio
Big Bunts
Captain: Ryan Timmons

Night/Div/Sport: Sunday Recreational Slo-Pitch
Seasons in the CSSC: 5+
Nominated by: Kaitlin
History: The team came together because my wife and I wanted to play a sport together with our friends, and slo-pitch is perfect for us as it’s a sport that can be played by all skill levels but most importantly it’s something that allows us to be social and interact with others. We always have a  fun first attitude and so many members of the team go the extra mile to make sure that our opponents are in on the fun too. We cheer for all big plays, for any team, and strive for an encouraging and positive atmosphere. We are very thankful for the nomination, it means a lot to us that we stood out and made someone’s experience better.


Team Bio
Ball Dogtors
Captain: Nicole Desautels 

Night/Div/Sport: Tuesday Recreational Outdoor Soccer
Seasons in the CSSC: 2
Nominated by: Jared Jones
History: Our name, The Ball Dogtors, is because most of our players are in vet school at the U of C together. Dogtors, because we work with dogs, and “balls” is hopefully self-explanatory. This is our second season with CSSC, we played in the Spring and now the Summer. We love soccer because it is great exercise and a good way to get together consistently with friends. We may not be the best team out there, but we definitely have a lot of fun.