Payment Plan Policy

Winter 2021: A FREE three-payment plan will be offered for the entire registration cycle.

Using a payment plan to register a team provides the flexibility to spread the total team fee over multiple payments. To utilize a payment plan the registration must be paid online.

Administrative Fees

There are no administrative fees to use a payment plan.

Payment Schedule

The first payment is 20% of the total team cost, and is processed at the time of registration; the remaining two payments are split equally (40% each). The second payment is processed two weeks after the deadline (December 29), and the final payment is processed one week after the season start.

  • e.g. a $900 team cost is paid in three installments; the first is $150 and the next two payments are $375

Missed Payments

If a second payment is declined, registrants will be given a 3-day window to settle the outstanding amount.

If any registrant's final payment is declined, the following applies:

  1. The outstanding fee must be settled within 3 business days
  2. Any payment not settled within 3 business days will result in a final notice to all players on the roster and an automatic loss for week 2
  3. Outstanding team fees after week 3 will result in all players being removed from the league and blacklisted from future registrations


Payment plans are only available for full team registrations over $400. Tournaments are not included.