Fireball Whisky

About Fireball Whisky

If you’re not into dragons, fire, whisky, and cinnamon, we’re seriously concerned for you. Fireball Whisky needs no introduction, as it’s been tasting like heaven and burning like hell for 33 years now. Which conveniently enough is also the percentage of alcohol by volume. Not too crazy; just a little crazy so you can enjoy a couple on any occasion. Well, except for before your league game or a funeral perhaps. So whether your vice is a shot of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, an Apple Pie on the Rocks, or the infamous Chai Fireball Whisky Tea, expect Fireball to be at all our tournaments and Sponsor Bars at an exclusive price for all you CSSC’ers. What happens next is up to you!

Exclusive CSSC Perk

As a CSSC member, the offer you receive will vary depending on the Sponsor Bar you happen to be at. You can check out all our current Sponsor Bars and the corresponding offers they provide you by visiting our Sponsor Bar Homepage. Additionally, expect Fireball to be flowing at our four Season End Parties, and all tournaments where we run our world famous beer gardens!