Return to Play

Just like you, the Club is excited to get back to 'play' this Summer season. Our relaunch is based on the belief that it is fundamentally safe for participants to play sports in a controlled environment. CSSC staff have been busy reviewing the many new guidelines that AHS has set out for all sports leagues in Alberta, and commit to keeping these guidelines and our policies updated with current safety standards. While the Club is committed to doing all we can to keep you safe, this is a team effort. We expect all registered players to adhere to the new policies and formats for the Summer, and to hold each other accountable. It is essential that our community work together to safely 'sport' again.

Before you Play

SCREENING: If you answer 'yes' to any of the screening checklist questions, you must not participate.
  • Self-screening must be completed by all players prior to every game - no exceptions.
  • If any player is experiencing symptoms at their game, the Team Captain must send them home immediately; play cannot commence until the individual has left the playing area.
WASH YOUR HANDS: Players should wash their hands prior to heading out to their facility each week, and bring their own sanitizer.
  • Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
  • Players should wash their hands again, as soon as possible after each game.

MASKS: It is highly recommended that players wear a cloth face mask that covers the mouth and nose when not playing, including arriving, departing, and subbing during play.
SPECTATORS: We ask that teams avoid bringing spectators to their facility. If you bring children, please do not leave them unattended while playing.
DISTANCING: In the lead up to the game, maintain the appropriate 6-foot social distance between teammates and opponents that are not a part of your household or personal cohort.
MEETINGS & HANDSHAKES: Pre-game captain's meetings and handshakes have been eliminated.
  • Captains will receive a pre-game reminder via email prior to each game.
  • If captains choose to meet, they must maintain a 6-foot distance.
  • Schedules will now indicate who the 'home' and 'away' teams are.
  • At the end of the game, teams should verbally acknowledge “good game” to their opponent but must not shake hands or high five one another.

  • Please arrive no more than 15 minutes before the scheduled game time.
  • If you arrive at your field and the game before yours is still in progress, do not move towards or onto the playing area until the other team has completely cleared the field.

Preparing To Play:

  • All players must adhere to all Calgary Sport & Social Club policies.
  • There will be no congregating at parks, facilities or parking areas before, during, or after your game. Please avoid overlap with other players.
  • During game play, teams will not change sides of the field or court to avoid unnecessary contact.
  • Handshakes, high fives, or any other physical contact is not permitted.
  • Teams must ensure they limit shared equipment and ensure frequent sanitization between use. Please wipe down shared equipment between each use with the appropriate sanitization tools.
  • The Club will provide all Team Captains in Team Captain sports, and all Coordinators in Event/Games Coordinator sports, with sanitizing wipes for the season.
  • Spitting is not permitted. Tobacco use of any kind, unshelled sunflower seeds, and unshelled peanuts are not permitted.
  • Pitchers in CSSC Slo-Pitch and Kickball leagues are not allowed to put their fingers to their mouth.
  • The Club discourages the use of scents by all players, to prevent sneezing and coughing.

Sport Specific Adjustments:

  • We are currently updating our rulebooks with game format and, in some cases, rule adjustments to accommodate COVID-19 safety. All players must read their sport specific rulebook prior to playing, to ensure they are aware of any changes made for their sport. We ask that you continue to exercise patience as we update our rulebooks; we are committed to updating them in a timely manner as more guidelines and instructions are sent to us.
  • Sports will be required to adhere to a division of 50 players maximum. As such, some divisions could be as small as 4 or 6 teams for the Summer season.
    • We will be carefully monitoring the number of players in each division to ensure we are not exceeding 50 players in any cohort.
    • This also means that roster sizes will be capped for Summer league teams. Click here to learn more.
    • As part of a 50-person sport-cohort, it is essential that each and every player hold themselves accountable to the various safety protocols and policies we've implemented for the season. To learn more about how you can be a 'Cohort M.V.P,' click here
  • June 23, 2020: The Club has received confirmation from AHS that players should not be a part of multiple cohorts this Summer season, while we are in Phase 2 of the relaunch strategy. If you have not yet registered, please keep this in mind prior to your registration. If you have already registered and are a part of multiple teams, the Club will contact you directly with next steps.


  • Teams must spread out along the sidelines, benches, and dugouts, unless they are members of the same household.
  • Players must cover their mouth and nose with the pit of their elbow when coughing or sneezing.
  • There will be no sharing of water bottles or food of any kind.
  • Leave nothing on site; take all belongings and garbage with you.


  • We are restricted to a certain number of players in a division, which means that subbing options will be limited.
  • Summer leagues will have a slightly modified Substitute Player Policy due to COVID-19 restrictions. Further details will be released shortly.