Sponsor Bars

Check out our list of Sponsor Bars throughout the city where players can enjoy exclusive CSSC food and drink specials. Click Here for your player VIP card.

We are excited to announce that Original Joe's Marda Loop is the newest member of our Sponsor Bar family! To see the specials you’ll enjoy, Click Here.

After each season, the CSSC hosts a party for all players and championship teams are presented with their t-shirts. Win or lose, everyone is welcome!

We hope to see you at our FREE Open House on Friday, June 9, in Marda Loop. For more info, Click Here.

Look forward to exclusive offers on Wild Roses’ craft beers at our Sponsor Bars and at our upcoming Tournaments!

Sponsor Bar
Exclusive CSSC Specials
Original Joe's Marda Loop
Our Newest Sponsor Bar!
Season End Parties
Everyone is Welcome!
Open House
June 9, 2017
Wild Rose Brewery
Official Brewer of the CSSC!

Do your post game celebration the right way!

The CSSC has teamed up with a number of pubs and bars throughout the city to offer players great post-game venues to meet up and enjoy exclusive food and drink specials. Check out the list of venues, or find out which one is closest to each game right on every league schedule. Be sure to check out each of the Sponsor Bar pages to find out some of the great specials currently being offered. In order to receive CSSC exclusive discounts, players must present their VIP card. Players may either print physical cards or open it on their smart phones here: VIP CARD

Use #CSSCVIP on Twitter and Instagram every time you visit a Sponsor Bar to be entered into a monthly draw for a $25 gift card to the very bar you were in! Winners will be notified at the end of each month.