Tuesday Soccer - Turf Recreational (5 vs. 5, Trifecta Sports Centre, Evening, 8 Weeks )



W - Wins
L - Losses
T - Ties
PLS - Points Lost due to low Spirit ratings: Each time a team receives two -1s in a game, they lose 1 point
SPT - Spirit Points: A team can earn from -3 to +3 spirit points in each game (opponent rates on overall Spirit, GC rates on Accountability and on Fun/Spirit)
PTS - Points
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
+/- - Goal Differential

Click your team name for your team's detailed results.

Rankings Breakdown

- 1st criteria: Total Points (PTS), including Spirit Points earned (SPT).
- 2nd criteria: Differential (+/-).
- 3rd criteria: Results from matches between tied teams.
- 4th criteria: Coin toss done by an SSC staff member.

If the score for your game(s) has been recorded inaccurately, you must fill our this form within one week of the game in question. Concerns brought to the attention of staff after the one week deadline are not guaranteed to be amended.