May the Fourth

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... SPARE WARS. Episode IV. A Striking Hope.

It is a period of friendly war. Rebel bowlers, striking from a hidden lane, have won their first victory against the evil Kingpin Empire. During the frame, Rebel strikers managed to steal secret plans to the Kingpin's ultimate weapon, the STRIKE STAR, an armoured bowling ball with enough power to destroy all ten pins.

The CSSC is excited to once again partner with National on 10th to bring you our next Bowling Tournament! Teams of 4 will come together in a social setting to compete for the Top Team and Top Individual scores. This is a Really Recreational event that's all about fun, and Bowling can at times come second to enjoying the party. You don't have to be an CSSC player to register and no experience is necessary; little to no experience is even preferred!

Play in CSSC's Bowing Tournament, you must.

Event Details

Location: National on 10th (341 10 Ave SW)

Theme: Star Wars! Are you friends with Luke and Leia, or will you be taking a walk on the Dark Side? Come dressed in your Star Wars best, bonus points for the best Wookie call.

Cost: $180/team, $50/individual (shoe rental included).

Divisions: Really Recreational. This event is all about fun!

Schedule & Times: The tournament schedule will be posted at the facility the morning of the event. Official times will be sent to you no later than 5:00pm on Thursday, May 2, but all players should expect to start as early as 11:00am and to end no later than 6:00pm.

Format: 10 pin bowling in teams of 4.

Party & Extras: The party goes all day, so stick around in between games and enjoy the music, party games, drinks and food! Multiple craft beers will be available on tap.  Best costumes and other prizes will be given out throughout the day, with the Top Team Score and Top Individual Score awards being handed out at the end of the tournament!

Cancellation Policy: Please contact the CSSC office no later than Friday the week before the event to receive a full refund. Refunds will not be given after this point.