Saturday, October 27, 2018

This a Really Recreational event that’s all about fun, and Curling can at times come second to enjoying the party. This event is licensed so that teams can enjoy a few drinks in between games (in the true spirit of curling, of course) while watching crazy tosses and take-outs happening down on the sheets. This year’s theme is the ‘Love Boat’! Oh wait, you’re probably too young to remember this legendary 1970’s television sensation, but that dosen't really matter! Join us at Huntington Hills Curling Club where it’ll be a mix of glitz, Titanic, shipwrecks and beaches galore. Come dressed in nautical theme, sailor outfits, or even ballgowns. Nothing is out of bounds on the Love Boat.

Event Details

Really Rec – Mixed Doubles (Just like the 2018 Olympics)
Really Rec – Standard (Teams of 4)
This event is all about fun and no experience is necessary!

Really Rec – Mixed Doubles: $140/team
Really Rec – Standard: $225/team, $60/Individual

Location: *NEW* Huntington Hills Curling Club - 520 78 Ave NW

Schedule & Times: The tournament schedule will be posted at the facility the day of the event. Official times will be sent to you no later than 5:00pm on Thursday, October 25, but all players should expect to start as early as 11:00am for announcements and a Curling Clinic. Expect to play as late as 6:00pm. The After-Party will get going right after the bonspiel and extend into the night!

Format/Roster: All teams are guaranteed 4 matches. Teams playing in our Really Rec – Standard division will consist of 4 players only, with no co-ed restrictions. Teams playing in our Really Rec – Mixed Doubles division will consist of 2 players only, with a co-ed players required. All participants must be 18+ years old.

After-Party: There will be an official After-Party on-site where teams can enjoy food and drinks. Along with champ awards, door prizes, and more!