March 2019 - Pajama Party

Div 1 Div 2 Div 3
image031 image051
Scotchyz on the Rocks,
We Are Ready for Some Shots

Nadine Scotland
The Sleepers
Brian Hogg
Suk Jong

October 2018 - Love Boat

Best Differential - Standard Best Costumes After-Party Winner - Cracker Challenge
image002 image001 image003
Where's the Patch?
Carson Falk
The Outsliders
Randi-Elaine Kilford
Shipfaced Skippers
Daniel Schwab

April 2018 - Back to the 80s

Best Differential - Standard Best Differential - Mixed Doubles Best Costumes
image232 image233 image186
Max Head (b)rooms
Robert Straub
Benny Hebert & The Jets
Chris Hunt
House Wreckers
Christine Kleppe

Fall 2017 - Welcome to the Jungle

Best Differential Best Costumes Best Costumes
image400 image401 image402
Trophy Hunters
Aimee Petroschuk
3 Sheets to the Wind
Kristyn Rider
Curls for the Girls
Cale Schmidt

Winter 2017 - WrestleMania

Best Differential Best Costumes Best Costumes
1image002 1image001 1image003
The Mega Powers
Tyler Curtis
Degeneration Swept
Blake Olaski
Malt on the Rocks
Lucy Poley

Fall 2016 - Disney on Ice

Best Differential Best Costumes Best Costumes
Curling (7) Curling (1) Curling (14)
Beauty's with no beast
Autumn Wright
Indiana Stones and the Temple of Broom
Cale Schmidt
Sweeping Beauties
Jocelyn Bury

Winter 2016 - All the Holidays

Best Differential Best Costumes Best Costumes Best Costumes
20160402_CSSC_Curling_0014JP_Small 20160402_CSSC_Curling_0001JP_Small IMG_2605_Small 20160402_CSSC_Curling_0009JP_Small
BanffCal Curls
Brien Perry
Curl Me Maybe
Leah Kushner
Why Not
Julie Ulseth
On the Rocks
Marcy Torie

Fall 2015 - Starts With the Letter M

Tournament Champs Best Costume
Voted by Staff
Best Spirit
CSSC_Curling_NOV7_0132JP IMG_2401 CSSC_Curling_NOV7_0009JP
Kristy Manchul
Merry Mexican
Mariachis from Mexico

Brad Chapman
Maternity Mayhem
Leah Kushner