Doubles: Teams will consist of 2 players, with no co-ed restrictions.
Fours: Teams will consist of 4 players, with no co-ed restrictions.


This is a Really Recreational event, which means that majority of participants will have little to no experience. It's all about fun!


All teams are scheduled at least 4 matches.

Schedule and Times

The full tournament schedule will be posted at the facility the day of the event. The reason we cannot send the schedule out early is due to the possibility of last minute changes. We cannot risk teams having inaccurate schedules. Official arrival and end times will be sent to Team Captains and Individual Teams no later than 5:00pm, the Thursday prior to the tournament.


Although an Event Coordinator will be on-site to keep the tournament running smoothly, CSSC Tournaments are self-officiated, so each team must make their own calls.

Weather Policy

CSSC Tournaments run rain, snow or shine! All teams should arrive prepared to play through some less-than-ideal conditions to keep the tournament running on schedule. If the weather conditions become dangerous (e.g. Lightning) the Event Coordinator may stop play and the tournament may be delayed.