2018/2019 Indoor Volleyball Tournaments
 Division    October 20 November 24 February 2 April 27
1 Classy Pass Souls
Jeremy Ettinger
Chelsea Yu
Classy Pass Souls
Jeremy Ettinger
Super Setsy
Chelsea Yu
2 Setsy and I know It
Chelsea Yu
How I Set Your Mother
Kelly Mac Vicar
I'd Hit That
Tonya Metzler
Cold Six Pack
Sarah Covey
3 Smash City
Matt Goulden
We Will Block You
Lorenzo Hernandez
The Benchwarmers
Matthew McPherson
Sexy Bunny With an Eye Patch
Vern Jerome
4 Stop, Hop and Block It
Spencer Wenzel
  I'd Hit That
Allex Bigelow
2017/2018 Indoor Volleyball Tournaments
 Division    October 28 November 25 March 3 April 28
1 Hits R Us
Jeremy Ettinger
Kenneth Bond
Unicorn Dancers
Kenneth Bond
Sorry Not Sorry
Kenneth Bond
2 Secret Service
Lynn Yip
James Hannan
Good Hitters
Dianne Timmins
Chelsea Yu
3 B.Stars
Nuchnapha W. Harriott
Ninja Blockers
Nuchnapha W. Harriott
Chelsea Yu
Netflix and Kill
Rennel Galvez
4     Notorious DIG
Sam Govinda
2016/2017 Indoor Volleyball Tournaments
 Division    October 1 October 29 November 26 March 4 April 29
1 Nicole Hawkins
Push It
Chelsey Lackner
Push It
Dat Pass
Cale Schmidt
Frank and Beans
Ken Bond
Calm Your Tips!
Tegan Leahy
2 Not So Tipsy
Andrew Cruise
Kinky Sets
Justin Pooga
Notorious D.I.G.
Jane Renyk
1/2 Order of Waffles + a Side of Bacon
Mychal Martin
Dat Pass
Tonya Metzler
3       Not So Tipsy!
Andrew Cruise
Scared Hitless
Nikki Byrne
4       All Sets Are Off
Andy Makela
5       Awkward and Weird
B. Leigh
Competitive (Women's Only)     Digging Beavers
Tegan Leahy
2015/2016 Indoor Volleyball Tournaments
 Division    October 3 October 31 November 28 March 5 April 23
1 Sets Us Up
Chelsey Lackner
Hot Rocks
Dana Sorenson
You Set Me Up!
Luigi Campusano
Anna's Bananas
Josh Bouvier
Rolling Thunder
Albert Kim
2 Hot Tamales
Denielle Reid
That's What She Set
Scott Lazorko
Ninja Stars
James Mac
Hotline Swing
Shamus Moore
Will Set For Beers
Nicolas Desfeux
3     BlockingJays
Dianne Le
Eli Watfa
Rally Balles
James Hannan
4       Bump N' Grind
Julianne Simpkins
The Eternal Serving of a Spotless Ball!
Fatima Zolfaghari