Lady Bing

The Lady Bing Award represents the CSSC's dedication to positive sportsmanship and a fun-first mentality. Each season, teams are nominated by their peers, GC's, EC's or CSSC staff based on their actions at CSSC games, including: promoting a fun and social atmosphere, fair play, and good sporting behavior. Teams can now nominate themselves! If you think your team deserves to be recognized for playing with a 'fun-first' attitude, nominate your own team and tell us why you deserve to win.

At the conclusion of each season, all nominated teams are entered into a grand prize draw and the winners are crowned at the season-end party.

  • 1st Place:  $125 gift card to the CSSC + Custom Team Shirts!
  • 2nd Place: $125 gift card to the CSSC.
  • 3rd Place:  $125 gift card to the CSSC.​

To nominate a team for the Lady Bing award, please click the button below and fill out the corresponding nomination form. Thank you to all of the nominees for going above and beyond to embody the true spirit of the CSSC.

2023 Grand Prize Winners
Winter 2023 Spring 2023 Summer 2023 Fall 2023

Here to Serve

Wednesday Rec Volleyball


Tuesday Rec Slo-Pitch

Baby Belugas

Wednesday Rec Plus Multi-Sport

Brew Crew

Monday Rec Plus Pickleball

2022 Grand Prize Winners
Winter 2022 Spring 2022 Summer 2022 Fall 2022

Chafing The Dream

Sunday Rec Plus Turf Soccer

The Rubber Duckies

Tuesday Rec Multi-Sport

2 Legit 2 Hit

Sunday Rec Beach Volleyball

Chupacabra FC

Thursday Rec Turf Soccer

2021 Grand Prize Winners
Winter 2021 Spring 2021 Summer 2021 Fall 2021
N/A Due to Canceled COVID Season

N/A Due to Canceled COVID Season

Sultans of Swing

Wednesday Recreational Slo-Pitch 

Beckham's Backups

Tuesday Rec Plus Outdoor Soccer

2020 Grand Prize Winners
Winter 2020 Spring 2020 Summer 2020 Fall 2020
N/A Due to Incomplete COVID Season

N/A Due to Canceled COVID Season

Ruthless Babes

Monday Recreational Plus Slo-Pitch 

N/A Due to Incomplete COVID Season