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We’re dill-ighted to announce our newest sport: PICKLEBALL! To watch a 1-minute video to see what it's all about, Click Here.

Help us recognize the EC who stands out week after week, creating a fun atmosphere and managing the games like a pro. Click Here to show some appreciation for our ECs!

It’s like darts, if darts were a million times more awesome! For more info about our AXE Throwing Tournament at AXE Throwing Calgary, Click Here.

Registration will open on Monday, April 24. Web flyer coming soon! For general info, Click Here.

Pickleball Leagues
Format & Rules
New Pickleball Leagues!
Tues & Thurs
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Nominate your EC
AXE Throwing Tournament
May 13, 2017
Yard Games Tournament
June 24, 2017

Pickleball. It's a big dill.

Please welcome the newest addition to the CSSC Sport Line-up, Pickleball! This action packed sport combines elements of Badminton, Tennis and Ping Pong. Players will use solid paddles and a wiffle-like ball, while playing indoors on a badminton-sized court. It is a low impact/high energy sport and the rules are very easy to learn, which makes it accessible to players of various ages and skill levels. The Pickleball doubles leagues are perfect for couples, friends, or family members looking to get active.

After your game, meet up with your teammates and other players to enjoy exclusive food and drink specials at one of the CSSC's many Sponsor Bars around Calgary!

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