Bad Weather or Poor Road Conditions

Unfortunately, there are many instances in Alberta when the weather is not ideal and road conditions are poor. The CSSC will not cancel indoor games due to poor weather or road conditions for the following reasons:

  • Facilities are extremely hard to re-book and the CSSC would not be refunded for any booking that went unused due to weather or road conditions.
  • Coordinators are difficult to re-schedule on short notice.
  • There is a limited timeframe to get all games played in each season.
  • Calgary is a large City and the CSSC rents facilities spread all across the City. Weather and road conditions can vary from location to location within the City.
  • Once at the facility, the quality of games are not affected by the weather.

Players are encouraged to plan ahead and give themselves as much time as possible to get to their games on days where the road conditions are poor. Furthermore, on days with extreme weather, Coordinators have been instructed to give 10-15 minutes of extra leeway for teams to arrive. However, any team that does not show up to their game, regardless of whether or not they have contacted the office in advance, will be subject to the default policy and fee.