Come out and practice your sweeping and sliding! The CSSC offers Curling during our Fall & Winter seasons.

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Registration will open on Monday, April 24. Web flyer coming soon! For general info, Click Here.

It’s like darts, if darts were a million times more awesome! For more info about our AXE Throwing Tournament at AXE Throwing Calgary, Click Here.

Curling Leagues
Every Fall & Winter!
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Yard Games Tournament
June 24, 2017
AXE Throwing Tournament
May 13, 2017

Curling rocks! Literally.

Alberta has a rich history of professional curling and the CSSC is thrilled to be offering a fun-first Curling league for the ‘not-so-pro’ players out there. You can practice your sweeping and sliding and meet new people in a social sporting environment without any unnecessary pressure. Curling is a low impact sport which makes it accessible to players of various ages and skill levels. If you’ve never curled before, it is a game of strategy and concentration, but most importantly, it is a whole lot of fun!

After your game, meet up with your teammates and other players to enjoy exclusive food and drink specials at one of the CSSC's many Sponsor Bars around Calgary!

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