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May 13, 2017

It's called 'Ultimate' for a reason.

Ultimate is an exciting, fast moving game which combines the best aspects of Football, Soccer and Basketball. It is a non-contact team sport that is easy to learn and is one of (if not the best way) to get fit. Whether you already have multiple disc throws in your arsenal (hammer time!) or you’re just learning your first 'huck,' we have a skill division for you. Play CSSC Ultimate for a guaranteed good time!

After your game, meet up with your teammates and other players to enjoy exclusive food and drink specials at one of the CSSC's many Sponsor Bars around Calgary!

Ultimate Headlines

Best Technique for a Long Huck

There’s likely no play more exciting in Ultimate than the huck. It’s how you start every point,...

Basic Strategy Tips for Ultimate Teams

Ultimate is an easy game to learn. All you need is a pair of shoes, a disc, and a desire to run...

Ultimate Tips for Newbies


So you’ve finally decided to hop on board the Ultimate train, but you have no idea what you’re...