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Why You Should Play: In addition to playing all your favourite backyard activities in this one-day event, you'll also be able to enjoy an on-site beer garden with plenty of beverages to choose from including good ol' Pink Whitney and Black Fly. Not only is this Tournament going to be the party you need to celebrate the beginning of Summer, but you can also expect tons of food trucks and local vendors in the parking lot available to CSSC players on their breaks.

Facility: Marda Loop C. A. - 3130 16 St SW 

Division: Really Recreational. It's all about fun!

Approx. Times:

  • 9:30am to 6:30pm
  • Official times will be sent to teams no later than 5:00pm on Thursday the week of the event


  • Guaranteed 5 matches and will play each of the Yard Games at least once
  • Playoffs are single elimination
  • Teams will consist of 2 players only (no co-ed restrictions)
  • All participants must be 18+ years old

Yard Games: The CSSC typically chooses 5 of the 7 following games for the tournament. Teams will play each of the 5 games once during the Round Robin.

  • Cornhole: Get the beanbags in the hole or on the board for points.
  • KanJam: Score points by throwing and deflecting a flying disc.
  • Oversized Beer Pong: Instead of ping pong balls and cups, you’ll be using Slo-Pitch balls and big buckets.
  • Bocce Ball: Throw your ball closest to the target to score points!
  • Ladder Golf: Toss your bolas to wrap them around the 3 different bars of the ladder.
  • Beersbee: Attempt to knock a bottle off of the opposing team's pole.
  • Spikeball: Three hits to bounce a ball down on the net so that it ricochets up at your opponent.
  • Championship teams will be awarded with championship beer steins and/or gift cards immediately following the tournament.
  • Keep the good times rolling and enjoy exclusive CSSC food and drink specials at our nearest Sponsor Bar

Registration Info: Register with a full team or as an individual.

  • Team: $70
  • Individual: $35pp
  • If you’re bringing your squad make sure you let us know in the registration comments and we will put you in the same division!
Cancelation Policy: 
Please contact the CSSC office no later than Friday the week before the event to receive a full refund. Refunds will not be given after this point.

Yard Games Action

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