Payment Plan

What are Payment Plans

Payment Plans allow captains the ability to split their team registration fee over multiple payments.

During Early Bird, fees are split into 3 payments (20% owed at the time of registration). Once the Early Bird period is over, the registration fee is split over 2 equal payments. The final payment in either scenario is not due until one week after your league begins.

Click Here for full details on how Payment Plans work.

Payment Plans in Early Bird

Registering early benefits everyone! The Club is better able to plan facilities, manage registrations and build schedules, ultimately leading to a better experience for the players. Payment Plans are free to use if you register during Early Bird!

  • Total team fee split over three payments
    • 20% deposit processed at time of registration to secure your spot
    • Second payment is made one week before the deadline
    • Final payment is processed one week after leagues begin
  • Earn entries into the Early Bird Lottery Draw, with a chance to win a free team registration
    • Early Bird Finalist draw dates for Spring: Feb 28, Mar 06 and April 06 (Early Bird Deadline). Register earlier for more chances to be a finalist.
    • The Early Bird Lottery will be held on April 10; tune in to see if you're 1 of 3 lucky free team winners!
    • Click here for full details on the Early Bird Lottery.

Payment Plans Post Early Bird

Missed the Early Bird period? No problem, you can still utilize a Payment Plan until the Registration Deadline.

  • 50% deposit processed at time of registration to secure your spot
    • The final payment is processed one week after leagues begin
  • Small Payment Plan administrative fee
    • Ranging from $20-$40, depending on team cost

Why is Tiered Pricing Gone?

Initially, the primary goal was to receive registrations earlier. Teams were rewarded for registering earlier by receiving a lower price, while the CSSC was able to better harmonize facilities, divisions, and schedules.

Two years into tiered pricing, we have observed some substantial disadvantages to the program.

  • In order to receive a slightly lower price, Captains were forced to carry a significant charge on their credit card for weeks before collecting from teammates
  • Many players found the program to be confusing because they had to remember several different deadline dates and pricing changes
  • Players who signed up later in the registration cycle were punished by having to pay a higher price

These factors, coupled with constant feedback from our players, caused us to re-imagine a better payment system for our players.