The Infamous Spin-o-rama

Thursday, August 23, 2018 - 12:45
Customer Service and Admin Specialist

First I should start with what a Spin-o-rama is. If you don’t already have the pleasure of knowing and seeing a Curling Spin-o-rama with your owns eyes, it is when you launch out of the hack, spin 360 degrees, then throw your rock at the very end of the rotation. It's amazing, ridiculous, and something that every curler should try at some point.

If these terms are unfamiliar to you then flip to our other headline, What the Hack? Curling Terminology, to get more familiar with curling terms.

If you are looking to try this at your next Curling league game, or at one of our Curling Bonspiels then I will try to walk you through it. First, you will set up at the hack as per usual with your rock, slider and broom or crutch. Then when you push off the hack with your inside foot swing it out towards the outside of the sheet in a swinging motion to give yourself enough momentum to get all the way around again. Once you are facing forward again then you just have to line up your shot and let the rock go.

It is hard to explain so I have included a few videos for you to watch of people completing this beautiful curling throw!

Spin-o-rama Example 1
Spin-o-rama Example 2