Field Maintenance

The Calgary Sport & Social Club is committed to providing the very best sporting experience in Alberta and taking care of our community. In order to accomplish this for our players, it’s crucial that that we keep our fields in tip-top shape throughout the outdoor season. This is where our Field Maintenance Program comes into play. Mowed grass, raked shale and vivid lines are some of what we do to help keep our local fields safe and fun for players.

Fields Maintained To-Date


Fields/Diamonds Lined


Fields Mowed


Diamonds Raked

Did You Know?

  • If you play Slo-Pitch, Kickball, Outdoor Soccer, Ultimate, or Flag Football with the CSSC, you’re experiencing the benefits of our field care program!
  • We invest tens of thousands of dollars each year into these fields with designated full-time staff and equipment
  • An average of 110 playing fields are maintained each season
  • We average 1,700 maintenance touches per year
  • We work alongside the City of Calgary to maintain fields and provide additional maintenance tasks of our own
Field Mowing
Slo-Pitch Diamond Raking
Soccer Field Lining
Slo-Pitch Field Line and Base Marker
Slo-Pitch Field Lining

How it Works

The City of Calgary takes the lead on field maintenance for public sports fields in the city, and part of our rental fees are designated to pay for their expenses. Fields are on a 14-day rotation, and the City is only responsible for mowing the grass and managing the weeds. With 850+ teams in our Slo-Pitch, Kickball, Outdoor Soccer, Ultimate, and Flag Football leagues, we know that this is not enough to uphold the high standards we have set for our leagues and the player experience!

We maintain over 110 fields each outdoor season, and we would love to tend to every single field every single day if we could. Instead, we are on a rotational schedule and each day we prioritize the fields that need attention the most. Priorities are based on our own scouting reports as well as the field ratings that Team Captains and Event Coordinators leave for us in their score submissions.


Maintenance City of Calgary CSSC
Mowing Grass
Managing Weeds
Repairing Divots
Painting Lines
Adding Base Whiskers
Dragging Diamonds