Roster Policy and Caps During COVID

As per AHS regulations all sport leagues are required to adhere to 50-person cohort maximums. This means all divisions are limited to 50 total people, inclusive of full time roster members and subs.

  • To adhere to the 50 person cohort-format for team sports during phase two of relaunch, the Club will be capping and closely reviewing team roster sizes.
  • Based on the Fall season, the vast majority of teams preferred smaller division sizes with larger roster caps. With this in mind, teams will no longer have to select a max roster upon registration. The chart below breaks down max roster size and division size for each sport.
  • A team's roster in MyCSSC should include both full time players and subs, up to the maximum outlined for their sport.

COVID Roster Policy Amendment: While cohort restrictions are applied to team sports by AHS, only players CONFIRMED on a team's roster are eligible to play. Teams can add additional players, including subs, up to the max roster throughout the season. However, once the season starts you must contact the CSSC to remove a player from the team.

We understand that everyone is eager to play, but the guidelines are in place to help keep our communities safe while we return to sport. Teams found breaking maximum roster limits, or to have unconfirmed roster members, will receive an automatic loss of spirit points and/or game. The CSSC will follow-up and teams may face additional consequences of suspension and/or fines.

Sport Max Roster # of Teams/Division
Badminton/Pickleball/Squash 4 6 - 12
Ball Hockey (3 on 3 & 4 on 4) 12 4
Basketball 12 4
Curling 6 6 - 8
Dodgeball 12 4
Multi-Sport (Team) 12 4
Soccer (5 vs. 5 & 6 vs. 6) 12 4
Co-Ed Volleyball 11 4
Women's Volleyball 8 6
Wallyball 5 8
Flag Football 12 4
Kickball 12 4
Slo-Pitch 12 4
Outdoor Soccer 12 4
Spikeball 4 6 - 12
Tennis 4 6 - 12
Ultimate 12 4
Beach Volleyball (6's) 8 6
Beach Volleyball (4's) 6 6 - 8