2019 Wild Rose Slo-Pitch Tournaments
 Division   May July August
1 Notorious B.L.G.
Jess Bray
Darren Devakumar
2 Test Positive
Allyn Roemer
Yah But That Bat Flip Tho
Dylan Pasveer
2018 Wild Rose Slo-Pitch Tournaments
 Division   April June July August
1 The Flinstones
Tad Big Snake
Bag Taggers
Nicole De Greef
Kyle Haugrud
Le Flama Blanca
Jonathan Smith
2 Stiff Mitts
Cody Halleran
Bat Intentions
Jennifer Wallace
Levi's for Life
Neil Dyck
Smack a Pitch
Kevin Macaraeg
3 Healthy Scratches
Galen Tiffin
Poolside Pitches
Neil Dyck
Chris & the Hairless Hippies
Christopher Lord
The Dirty Dingers
Dillon Cross
4 Team Discovery Channel
Matt Fair
2017 Wild Rose Slo-Pitch Tournaments
 Division   April June July August
1 White Buffalo
Lewis Twoyoungmen
Inglorious Batters
Ali Kowalenko
Inglorious Batters
Matthew Larsen
Dirty Bunts
William Hazen
2 Stiff Mitts
Cody Halleran
Drink Gin and Win
Derek Eamer
Nuts and Hunnys
Alison Taylor
Stranger Danger
Jordan Martyshuk
3 Honey Badgers
Dana Sperle
Honey Badgers
Jared Gray
Saved by the Balls
Anhna Tran
4 Out For A Rip
Amie Howes
Line Drivers
Individuals Team
5 Bad News Barristers
Jess Bray
2016 Budweiser Slo-Pitch Tournaments
 Division   April June July August
1 A-Rod in the Pujols
Joanna Ng
Kyle Haugrud
N/A (rainout) Nice Snatch
Melissa Holben
2 Heat
Bobby Dyck
James Harty
N/A (rainout) The Lollygaggers
Andrew Stewart
3 Hard Bats, Soft Balls
Glenn Marcellus
Long Bats and Loose Mitts
Chris Mcintyre
N/A (rainout) Bag Taggers 2.0
Nicole De Greef
4 Rainmakers
Darius Paznekas
Erika Stante
N/A (rainout) Pitches
Josh Smulders
5 N/A Dirty Mitts
Allyson McGill
N/A (rainout) Nothin' But Bats
Michael Thompson
2015 Budweiser Slo-Pitch Tournaments
 Division   June July August
1 Alycia's Not Here
Darryl Folkerson
Taiwanese Olympic Draught Picks
Jason Russell
Chris Greschuk
2 No Glove No Love
Tyler Pelkey
Honey Nut Ichiros
Mark Lam
Garrett Many Bears
3 Blue Balls
Randy Smith
Nothin' But Dingers
Michael Thompson
Faster Horses and Younger Women
David Waite
4 The Okapis
Stephen Berzins
5 Ghetto Blasters
Alysha Rouillard