The Difference between Indoor & Outdoor Tennis

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 09:15
Facility & Leagues Coordinator

This season we are excited to bring you our first ever Indoor Tennis league. Games will be played out of the exclusive, Semi-Private Tennis Academy, a top of the line Tennis facility focused on providing the best courts for avid players.

Many players have not had the chance to play Indoors, but with our short Alberta summers it is a natural and necessary switch to get more Tennis in your life. With that, there are subtle differences between Indoor and Outdoor tennis that we will explore today to prepare you for a successful season!


One of the biggest factors in Indoor vs. Outdoor Tennis is the consistency. When playing outdoors there are many factors that can affect your game. You may lose the ball in the sun when serving, a strong wind can carry a hit further than expected, or a hot day may fatigue your body and make you change up your style. When playing indoors, the climate and conditions are controlled so, while there may be different factors that affect your game, the overall feel will be more consistent and predictable.

Pace / Style of Play

Many players agree, although there is some debate, that indoor Tennis results in a faster more aggressive game. The main reason for this is the consistency explained previously. As players can predict the bounces and movement of the ball more, they are able to pick up half-volleys, hit bigger first serves and generally be readier for the bounces. This changes the style of the game making players react faster and come up with big hits to stun their opponents. While the fundamentals will never change, the indoor game will challenge different aspects of your skill.


Another difference that players may have to get used to moving indoors is perception. When playing on outdoor courts, while you generally will have a cage around, it is still mostly open. The courts feel more spacious and being able to see the wide-open sky above changes the perception of the court. Moving inside, you now factor in walls and a ceiling, and depending on the number of courts in the space it can make the game feel more intimate. Players may need to adjust the way they look at the ball and calculate the speed / bounce of a hit as you may not have the same markers to judge from.

Whether playing indoors or out, give the sport some LOVE and enjoy!